Bronze Beauty: Different Sun-Kissed Looks

by - October 06, 2019

What is it about looking sun-kissed that makes people feel better about themselves? Is it just about skin tone? Maybe it's about looking younger and having skin that looks more tropical. It might also be because having some color in their face is what they define as their own beauty standard. Whatever the reason might be, there are many different ways to achieve the bronzed look. Some of them will be more traditional, some of them will be more convention and some might be out of the box. You have to find the best kinds that work for your skin as something that works for your friend, might not work for you. It's also about your face shape and lines, as these also play a big factor in how the light and shadow of the bronze effect will impact your beauty

The au naturel way
Sun-kissed is referring to the sunshine being lathered onto your skin. So the natural way to get the bronzed look would be to go and sunbathe for an hour or so. But this is something that can only be done on hot days as you need a certain amount of sunlight concentration on your skin for it to change color. You also only need 30 minutes of sun to get your daily dosage of vitamin E, after that you might be overdoing it. So it's best to suntan with plenty of sunscreen that has a slight bronze hue to it such as Piz Buin Instant Glow Skin, or Heliocare 360. Both of these products provide a slight yellow-bronze tinge but they also protect your skin from harmful UV rays. This is of course a natural way to get the sun-kissed look as you’re using the sun to achieve the tone and natural ingredients in this kind of product type.

Shaping with gold
The second way to get a more bronzed look is to use a highlighter. Foundation is just that, a foundation and not to be used to get your overall tone. Far too many women try to use a powder blend to get their desired sun-kissed tone but it's really down to what kind of highlighter you use and how. Click here for glow highlighter that is able to create a slight sheen to your face but contour your face with a bronze layer. The Gold is the New Black highlighter is something you should try, as it's designed to play with the lighting of any room or natural sunshine. From certain angles your face will look fresh and vibrant and in low light it will look clear cut and accentuate your jawline and cheekbones.  

Summer skin
Moisturizers are crucial for skin care regardless of what time of year it is. But the summer sun kissed moisturizer is something you should have with you if you want a tanned tone. The Garnier summer body dark tan moisturizer is one such product that achieves this well.
There are different ways you can get a bronze sun-kissed flavor for your skin but they should all be used separately. Moisturizer, sunscreen or highlighters, they should have their slot in your routine. 

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