Hearing Changes

by - September 20, 2019

No one likes to admit they’re getting older and for most of us the passage of time passes relatively slowly and we barely notice the changes. There are times though when problems do present themselves and, old or young, we need to take notice of them, rather than pretend they’re not happening.

One such potential issue is hearing loss. It can creep up on you rather stealthily and be barely noticeable as you just turn that volume button up one more notch.

In this blog we take a look at some of the common signs of hearing loss and what you can do to help yourself.

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Signs and Symptoms

As mentioned up post, one of the big giveaways is the TV or the radio in the car. What has been set at the same level for years, now needs a little upwards adjustment for you to catch all that’s being said. It’s not that you miss every word but when there’s hushed talking or the characters are talking out of your vision, following the dialogue becomes next to impossible.


One to one you might be find as you’re better able to focus in on what’s being said and follow the conversation with your eyes as well as your ears but conversations in a group are a whole different story.

Even over a family dinner, with the shouting, interruptions and laughter, you get lost all too easily and struggle to keep up. You may be able to laugh it off and blame the general cacophony of noise but you know deep down that you’re not hearing all the details you should.

What You Can Do

First check that the problem isn’t something as simple as a build up wax in your ears. If you suspect that it is, you can visit your doctor and ask them to syringe the wax out for you or you can try an over the counter remedy. There is also the option of a home treatment where you can warm some olive oil and place it in the ear with a syringe. This will soften the wax and allow it to drain out naturally.

Don’t be tempted to force cotton tips down inside the ear, this might lead to damaging the delicate ear passages.

If this doesn’t make the issue any better then it’s time to visit an audiologist. There’s nothing to fear here. The audiologist will take a look at your overall health and well being as well as talk to you about the symptoms you’ve been experiencing. They will then want to take a look inside your ear canal, a delicate but painless procedure. It might feel a little strange but you shouldn’t experience any discomfort.

When you think you’re losing your hearing it’s understandable that you may feel scared about what that means for the long term. Rather than trying to ignore the problem, the best thing you can do is to get a diagnosis as soon as you can. Your hearing depends on it.

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