Never Neglect Squats

by - July 01, 2019

There are so many exercise programs out there and regiments to build muscle that it can be overwhelming at times.  You know your body better than anyone else, so you know what you can and cannot handle. In addition to knowing your limits, you also probably have a comfort zone of what exercises you like to do.  Achieving your fitness goals are very much at your fingertips.

But, never neglect squats!  Squats work. They hurt, but they work.  They will strengthen your lower body immeasurably but will also improve your flexibility.  They need to be done every single day.

One major reason that you never want to neglect squats is that they increase the release of your hormones.  Complete body exercises are stimulator's for testosterone and growth hormones. Squats allow you to build muscle everywhere, so it will release hormones that will help with growth.

How about that six-pack that everyone wants?  Squats help with this as well. If you are using squat racks, your core is putting in more of a workout than you think.  You are focused on not injuring yourself that you center your attention on good posture in the upright position.  Save yourself some extra push-ups by incorporating squats.

Your flexibility is something you don’t really think about working at while you are doing squats, but it is certainly helping.  As you build strength with deep squatting, your hip complex is going through a range of motions. This will help you reduce back pain, which will allow your body the ability to be free of aches and strains over time.

Since we participate in many activities such as running, jumping, and walking, we run the risk of knee and hip injuries.  Injuries like that can severely hinder your ability to work out moving forward. Squats reduce your risk of injuries in those regions.  With the building of your glutes, hamstrings, and quad muscles, squats allow your body to move in a variety of directions without causing injury.  When you make that quick cut or turn, you will be less susceptible to hurting yourself.  

Since squats pack such a big punch, you won’t have to spend much time roaming around from machine to machine at the gym.  For them to be effective, you will need to add in heavy squats that will get the blood flowing and the legs burning in no time at all.  This leaves you time to work on your upper body more as well as build your core. It is imperative that when you are doing squats that you stretch out after your workout.  Don’t allow those muscles to tighten up.

Squats need to be included in your regular routine.  Besides all the facts listed above, they work your entire low body as one unit.  It provides balance in your body and will send you immediate signals if something isn’t working right.  If you notice you’re favoring one side of your body over the other, this will give you a chance to work some exercises in that help with that side of your body.  Proper squatting will lead to complete body unison.

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