Sending A 1st Birthday Card To A Friend's Baby

by - June 12, 2019

When a friend has just gone through giving birth we are excited for them and wish them well. It's been a long time coming but eventually it happened and they went through the event of meeting their child for the first time. For many friends they want to be there when it happens but they also want to give the parents some privacy after wards. We then forget that we should be playing some role in their child’s life but when is it appropriate to begin this? Well for someone who we care about, giving their baby a 1st birthday card is that moment. It can be very simple, such as buying a card from a store or you can make it by yourself. What’s the difference? Well one is nonchalant and the other is personal and will mean a lot to your friend.

Selecting the base

What should the base card be for a card meant for a baby? Well it should be soft in material so buying a card that has a blend of cotton is a viable choice. However you can also get foam cards as well but these don’t last as long. Whatever your choice is, make sure that is not so rigid and had a little flex to it. It should also be in baby colors which are popular such as baby blue or a sunrise pink. These softer colors and materials are appropriate for a 1st birthday as they meet with the tone of the occasion.

Inject some characters

Growing up the kids will have some icons they really like. This can be things like cartoon characters from their favorite TV show, it can also be from their favorite children's book or perhaps a show they saw. You can have these kinds of child-friendly images imprinted onto the card you send by using stamps. For example if the child really likes sea creatures you can use a mermaid stamp which will impose on the card using whatever kind of ink or paint you want. The stamps are detailed also so it's not just shapes but fine images you can stamp onto the card. You can also use the colors of the characters in the writing of your message. For example if they like tigers, you can write in orange and black felt tip pens.

The malleable creativity

Yes it's a card for a 1st birthday which means the person you’re giving it to most likely won’t even know what it's about. It is mainly for the parents to read and show their children perhaps when they are old enough to understand and appreciate these memories. However you can make it fun to interact for the baby by using silk bows, foam cutouts to make it 3D, glitter and also moving bits like googly eyes. The child can touch and feel the card’s different textures and at least have a new experience from the card.

A 1st birthday card isn’t as serious as a 100th birthday card is, so you can have some fun making it using different materials and characters the baby might like.

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