Get Your Home Summer Ready Inside & Out

by - June 19, 2019

So you’ve been lapping up the summer time with weather that’s calling for bbqs, bike rides or trips to the beach. But did you stop to wonder (as you sipped your summer tipple) if your home is just as summer savvy as yourself?

Once your cleaning is done and dusted it’s time to make the house bloom with some on theme colours and décor. This season opens up ample opportunities to spruce up your rooms inside, yet you won’t want to forget about those all important maintenance issues for the exterior parts of your home.


This summer, interior design wise, it’s all about embracing the organic. You’ll want to go for natural textures or raw materials for your accessories and fabrics both. Go for products that use materials like rattan, bamboo or seagrass and also opt for eco-friendly paints if you can when you are repainting your rooms. Not only will you create an effortlessly chic and minimalistic look, but you’ll be using products that are long lasting while going greener too.

House plants are very on the cards this season, so indulge in some and start reaping the benefits. Plants can help to purify the air and make you feel less stressed and more productive. Why not try a peace lily? These beautiful flowers are thought to reduce toxins in the air, or perhaps a spider plant, also known to fight pollutants.


The summer allows more time to make the most of your outside space, and this means that keeping everything lovely here should be top of your seasonal to-do list.
If you have a decking area, you’ll want to scrub it until it shines for those fun-filled garden gatherings to come. You can use anything from a hosepipe to a power washer or just an old-fashioned scrubbing cloth.
Now’s the time to get all colour coordinated with some bright coloured furniture to suit your summer style. Perhaps you could even match your furniture to the flowers that you have in bloom? A fresh lick of paint in a bold colour to refurbish a dull shed or garage can work wonders too.  

Don’t forget to accessorise with lanterns and cushions nor be afraid to go daring with your colour choices.

Maintenance Checks

Summer is the season whereby you’ll want to be having a good old maintenance check of your roof. Damages can occur throughout the winter to spring, so it’s a good idea to inspect your roof afterward to ensure that there are no issues. Time and weather conditions can cause problems such as slack shingles or holes that can worsen and cause damage to other areas of your home if left be. If there are already issues you have, or problems you may have ignored, then you will want to get this looked into right away. You could try getting a roofing contractor to come and inspect your roof if you are unsure or suspect repairs may be in order.

With a little TLC, inside and out, your home will soon be as summer-ready as you are for all manner of seasonal delights!

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