Things Your Skin Hates and You Should, Too

by - May 23, 2019

We all try to make the most out of our skin, and when it is not in tip top condition, we start to worry. The skin is the first defense layer of our body, and it shows the signs of unhappiness and the lack of support, when there is something wrong with our organs or digestion. Below you will find a few things you might want to avoid if you would like a healthy looking and glowing skin.

Too Much Scrub

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It is understandable that you would like a smooth skin, but scrubbing your face more than two times a week will get rid of the upper layer that has a role to protect the rest of the skin. If you have sensitive and thin skin, you might want to avoid harsh facial and body scrubs and opt for more gentle ones. You have to ensure that you cleanse your pores, but not at any price.

Overdosing on Chocolate

You might love chocolate, but your skin might not. If you are wondering what is causing your skin complaint, you will have to first look in your cupboard. You can have dark chocolate in moderation, but having a full bar every night might be bad news for your skin. You might want to stay off chocolate and biscuits for a while, to see if it makes a difference. Try to choose healthy snacks, such as fruit or raisins,

Processed Food

Processed food is not only putting too much stress on your digestive system, but also your skin. The more raw food you consume, the better you will support your body delivering the minerals and vitamins to your skin. Even a bag of crisps with loads of artificial flavors and spices can cause serious skin problems. If you want to know what your skin is sensitive to, and to avoid the ingredients, you might want to  talk to Hines Dermatology and book a consultation.


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If your makeup or your cream contains perfume, this can be one of the causes of your skin rashes or acne. You will have to find a natural makeup and beauty product that will keep you healthy and doesn’t contain silicone or small particles that can irritate your skin. Perfume should only be applied to keep you smelling good, and it has nothing to do with your skin!

Oily Makeup

If you suffer from acne, chances are that you need an assessment and find out whether or not your current foundation and blusher are suitable for your skin. If they block your pores, your skin will be more prone to inflammation and infections, as it cannot breathe naturally. You might also want to upgrade your acne skin care routine and choose the products that will not only make you look good short term, but also keep your skin healthy.

You should take care of your skin, so it can take care of you. Make the most out of your beauty routine and talk to a professional to find out what you should avoid.

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