How Can You Throw a Barbecue on a Budget?

by - May 19, 2019

People Barbecuing Skewered Meats

Everyone loves a barbecue in the summer- it’s the perfect way to get outside and get everyone together. If you love playing host and spending time in the garden, chances are you’ll already have some barbecue's planned- but if cost is a concern, here are a few ways you can save money.

Marinate your own meat
Grocery stores are full of barbecue foods at the moment- they’re usually in the fridges in their own section and you can spot them as soon as you walk in most places. It’s full of packs of marinated meat, premade skewers and other tasty additions that you can throw straight onto the barbecue without any hassle. The only issue is that these packs are always way more expensive than plain meat- sometimes even double the price (or more!) It’s so easy to do this yourself and save cash. Big bags of frozen chicken drumsticks for example are incredibly cheap, defrost them in the fridge overnight and marinate with some herbs and spices out of your stash. There are lots of spice blend recipes online for things like Cajun, Chinese, Indian and other cuisines that you can whip up yourself at home. Throw chicken breasts and pork chops in them to save a small fortune. Make up your own kebab skewers with meats and vegetables rather than buying them premade. You’ll be surprised on the overall savings you can make.

Go potluck style
If you ask everyone to bring something along then it can really help to keep costs down and there’s no major expense on one person. It could be a side dish, a packet of meat like burgers and sausages or some extras like hot dog buns and sliced cheese. Don’t be shy about asking, chances are people won’t mind at all and you’ll end up with an interesting spread of items that you might not have thought to pick yourself.

Don’t forget side dishes
Speaking of side dishes, these are a great way to fill people up and keep the costs of meat down a little. Big bowls of pasta and rice can be made for next to nothing, check out Pinterest and recipe sites for some tasty, summery ideas. Baked potatoes, salads and other veggies like barbecue's mushrooms and peppers are also great to consider.

Find deals on alcohol
As with any kind of party, you’ll want to keep the drinks flowing at your barbecue, but this is one are where costs can add up. One idea is to mix up some cocktails, if you have a large drinks dispenser fill this up with a spirit and complimenting juice, mixer and sliced fruit and guests can all help themselves. You could buy wine online where there are discounts for bigger orders, or just ask everyone to bring their own bottle.

Will you be throwing any summer barbecue's this year? Any ideas about how you’ll keep the costs down?

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