Finally Breaking Through Your Fitness Plateaus

by - April 26, 2019

We all experience challenge in life, especially when it comes to getting better at something or developing a skill. This is because there will come a time that no matter how much effort we put into something, it seems like we’re stagnating and finding forward progress harder than before. This is the period of ‘deceptive results,’ in which you can feel like you’ve reached the limit of your skill set and ability. It comes in creative hobbies. It comes in our careers. And you can be certain that it can come in our fitness life, as this is perhaps the best expression of our raw humanity.

Finally breaking through your fitness plateaus can be a hard ask. But luckily, just like all the other stop gaps you might come across, they can be resolved. Sometimes, you might need to take a different approach. Other times, it could be that taking a break is the best option. Sometimes, you need to change up your entire fundamental strategy. No matter what, it’s like that whatever you’re experiencing right now, whether your weights are struggling to go up, you’re having a hard time increasing your lap time or you feel deeply exhausted more often now, you can pivot and retrofit your current needs more appropriately. Let us consider how:

Get Professional Advice/Help

It can be the case that you’re going to stay stuck in your own patterns unless you find a way to optimize yourself. It might be that you actually cannot progress further without this expert training, such as perfecting the smaller points of your form, using Dr Cobb and the Z Health education program to understand how neurology influences your sporting performance, or potentially visiting a nutritionist to see where your diet might be lacking. A little outside perspective can bring up routes you may never have thought of, and you’d be very surprised as to how this can revolutionize your viewpoint.

Take A Break

It’s possible to train reliably, and if you do, well done! But even those who take pride in no weeks off can actually benefit from a deload week once in a while. A week off lifting can help your body slowly adapt and simply feel a sense of pause from the heavy training they are taking part in. Note that this is simply a pause from training, and not a pause from exercise. Stretching, walking, low-impact activity and a range of other efforts can help you keep your physical fitness up while still ‘resting’ in objective terms. Come back to the gym, and you’d be surprised how easily that weight is flying up as it used to.

Sleep More

We often view sleep as a simple means to refresh ourselves from the exhaustion of the day, but it’s much more than that. It allows you to structurally heal your body, your mindset, and keep yourself energized. If you’re struggling in your fitness habits, it might just be that you’re truly overtired. You’d be surprised how often this can be the case. Sometimes, the regime you’re following might put such taxation on you that an extra hour of sleep is necessary, and you’ve been going without it. Experiment to see what works best for you.

With these tips, you’re sure to finally break through your fitness plateaus.

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