Coffee Over Cardio | What Is It?

by - April 30, 2019

So what is Coffee Over Cardio? I was asking myself the same thing after seeing it flooding into my social media feed. Until, I finally just clicked to check it out for myself. Coffee over Cardio is a fun and charming coffee and healthy lifestyle company. Started by fitness advocate and fempreneur Abby Scott. With the most adorable packaging and flavors such as Birthday cake and Messy Bun this company has basic millennial's, such as myself, raving for more. All while adding a delicious kick to our morning step. 

Coffee Over Cardio's attention to their clients and product details is lit AF. With roasted to order 100% South American Arabica beans, this ignites a smoother, more powerful, high quality coffee. Coffee Over Cardio is also a business for females by females designed to empower Boss Babes and encourage woman everywhere to chase their dreams. Also, I can't forget to mention, gluten free, 0 calories, clean energy, organic Arabica beans, Highly Caffeinated, and non GMO, so no guilt in your sips!

Since 2017 there are currently 54,839 Coffee Bags Sold, 18,482 Coffee Babes, and 473 Espresso FIT Members!!! Not only is there an exclusive members only workout plan with the Espresso FIT, and the most charmingly delicious coffee you have ever seen or tasted, but a boutique with fashionable coffee inspired designs guaranteed to make any basic b**** swoon. Try Coffee Over Cardio for yourself and don't forget to use my discount code "10EMMADAWN" for 10% off your order! 

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