Looking After Your Parents, When You Are A Parent

by - March 05, 2019

Being a mom is hard enough, but when you throw the added responsibility of caring for aging parents in there, things can get really tricky. Happily, there are tactics you can use to navigate this type of situation and while ensuring that everyone gets their needs meet. Read on to find out more.

Talk to them

First off, it is essential that you have that awkward conversation with your parents about what they want to do if they become ill and can no longer look after themselves. Of course, this can be incredibly challenging for all parties concerned, but it's much better to sort out before you get into that situation.

In fact, be discussing options and preferences beforehand you can create a plan of action that you know all parties will be happy with and will have contributed towards. Something that can make the situation alt easier when it does arrive.

Identify their needs

Next, it is essential to identify the medical, social, physical, and emotional needs of your parents. Of course, this will be parts of your discussion with them, but depending on their condition you may require additional input from medical professionals. The reason being that those with cognitive conditions may not always be aware of their illness, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't need accounting for.

Of course, if you don't feel as if you can make this assessment on your own, it is possible to seek advice and evaluation from medical professional including your parent's doctor.

Fulfill their needs

Once you have established what your parents' needs are it's time to make choices that best fulfill these. Of course, this will vary from person to person depending on their individual difficulties. In fact, those suffering from dementia or Parkinson's are often best placed in a memory care facility where they have specialist provision. While those that aren't suffering from memory loss or cognitive difficulties can function better in a retirement village type facility.

Of course, some grown children choose to have their parent come to live with them in their own home and provide care for them there. Although, it is worth noting that this can be challenging for all parties concerned.

Fulfill your needs

Finally, and this is just as important as all the other steps, it is crucial that as a mom, you take some time and create a space where you can look after your own well being and needs, even though you have aging parents that you are taking care of.

This is because, just the role of being a mom can be incredibly tough, but if you add the stress and care of looking after aging relatives into such a situation, this can quickly become overwhelming.

To that end, it is crucial that you balance your parents' wishes and needs with those of your own, and your own family unit. Otherwise, you may risk your own well being. Something which more often than not affects everyone that you are caring for, and can make situations such as this even more challenging to deal with.

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