Is Your Home Affecting Your Family's Health?

by - March 08, 2019

In theory, our home is supposed to be a place where we can rest, relax, and renew ourselves from the troubles and stresses outside. It is supposed to be a safe haven; a place conducive to good health. However, if you or anybody in your family has been suffering from ill health recently, then your home might be the problem.

In this article, we will look at some of the reasons why your home could be compromising your family's well being. You can then prioritize health by making the necessary changes.

#1: You might have mold and mildew growing in your home

In the more humid areas of our homes, such as the bathroom and basement, mold spores can grow and multiply. Mold can also grow in uninsulated areas, such as in our loft spaces, and around doors and windows.  And it can grow in any area of the home where is little ventilation. If not dealt with, mold can damage your family's respiratory and immune systems, so it's important to identify and remove any trace of mold as soon as you spot it. You should also open windows to allow ventilation, and consider adding vents to any room that is lacking, to alleviate the problem. The following linked guide will help you to identify the common types of mold in the home, so if you spot any telltale signs, remove the mold yourself, or contact a home restoration expert to do it for you.

#2: Your home is colder than it should be

You don't want your family to feel cold at home, so you probably heat your home as much as possible. However, if certain rooms remain chilly, despite your best efforts to warm the house, and your family is suffering as a consequence, then you need to solve the issue. The solution might be as simple as moving furniture around to let heat spread from your radiators. On the other hand, you might need to spend money to rectify the problem. Considering heat escapes through the roof, you might want to contact a residential roofing company to help you identify and fix any damage that may have been caused by the weather. You might also consider insulating your roof space, as despite the expense, your home will be a warmer place because of it. Look for droughts around your doorways and windows too, and replace them, or fill in any gaps to stop heat escaping. And if your HVAC is more than ten years old, it might not be working effectively, so consider replacing it. By taking steps to secure the warmth in your home, not only will your family benefit, but you will also see a decrease in your heating bills too, as you won't have to have everything turned onto the max in an effort to stay warm.

#3: Your home isn't as clean as you think it is

We don't want to sound rude - we are sure you are incredibly house proud - but there may be certain household items in your home that don't get the attention they should. From door handles to the television remote, there is a risk of bacterial infection if these commonly used items aren't cleaned regularly, but like many of us, these might be the last things in your home you would think about cleaning. So, for these and other commonly used household items, take a look at this list, and then make an effort to add them to your list of cleaning chores each week.

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