4 Ways to Make Your Home More Private

by - March 11, 2019

We need our homes to be relaxing, comfortable, and so on -- spaces where we can truly be ourselves, away from the world. While this is generally the case, there are occasions when it isn’t. Take, for example, when there are privacy issues. If we have a home that isn’t quite as private as we’d like it to be, then we can’t really feel at ease. The effect it has on us may only be small, but it’ll be enough to feel that little bit more on edge. The good news is that it’s nearly always possible to boost your home’s privacy, as we’ll see below.

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Build it Up

If your home too close to the street? If you can also see walking past your home, then there’ll be times -- especially at night, when it’s dark outside and you have your lights on -- when they can see inside your home. And you can’t blame them for looking: their eyes will be naturally drawn that way. One way to get around this is to shelter your home away from the street by building your yard up -- for example, by adding a hedge or trees, both of which will obscure the open view a passerby would otherwise have of your home. If that’s not an option, or sounds like too much maintenance, then you could consider adding a gate. You’ll be completely private if there’s a big wooden gate blocking the route!

Window Options

You might like the idea of letting all that light in through your windows, but as well as those sun rays, you’re also letting everyone walking past have an unobstructed view of your interior, too. But fear not, because you’re not stuck between light and a lack of privacy, or darkness and privacy. There’s a smart solution for this problem -- window shades. You’ll be able to angle the blinds in such a way that allows the light -- and heat -- of the sun inside your home, but not people’s views. For this purpose, they’re much more effective than curtains.

In the Yard

It’s not just inside your home where you need to think about privacy. Indeed, the biggest concern isn’t in your home -- it’s in your yard. You might have gone to great lengths to make your outdoor space comfortable and relaxing, but this will be compromised if it seems like your neighbors are able to see in. To make it more private, add a fence or hedge to the perimeter. You’ll also want to add trees, plants, and possibly a gazebo to your yard too, for the simple reason that the more there is to look at, the less chance they’ll look at you.

Creating Living Spaces

Keep in mind that privacy isn’t only affected by what people can see. It’s affected by what people hear. If a lot of noise is flowing in or out of your home, then take a look at soundproofing your property. Your house will feel like your own little oasis once the noise of the outside world has disappeared.

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