The Story of ZYIA Active

by - February 23, 2019

How it all began...

Zyia's story began on a snowy,
moonlit hike. I was in good company,
surrounded by women, all pushing
ourselves out of our comfort zones and
further up the trail. Our awkward
snowshoes crunched along, creating a
soft background to the soundtrack of our
laughter and words of encouragement.
 At one point, finding myself at the
back of the group, I looked up to see the
moon shining brightly over this amazing
group of ladies. All were actively helping
to lift one another physically and

I stopped in my tracks, touched by the
beauty of the experience as much as by
the play of moonlight on snow.
 The feeling of empowerment I took
from that experience stayed with me. I
wanted to find a way to create more
opportunities for women to come
together—to uplift and support one other.

 Six months later, when Jeremiah
and I were considering starting a
business together, this experience gave
us our inspiration. We both try to support
companies that value community, and we
agreed our new company should do the
same. Add Jeremiah's knowledge
and business expertise to my love of
people and fashion, and it's easy to
see how we arrived at the idea of
offering high-quality activewear. And
not just quality activewear, but a line
and a company designed around
empowerment, community, and

 We talked about my
inspiration during that moonlit hike
and turned my impressions into the
four pillars at Zyia's foundation: Light,
Activity, Community, and Uplift.
Even the beauty of that moon, the
symbol that sparked it all, now serves
as our logo.

 Zyia offers many ways to
enhance your life. If nothing else, I
hope it adds light to your journey.

- Erin Bradley 
CEO & Founder of ZYIA Active

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