Without Clean Air, You'll Never Be Cozy At Home

by - January 16, 2019

When you have a child, you begin to see the world differently. Things that you took for granted before become precious resources, such as spare time. For parents, me-time is the most underrated and yet rare resource in the world – at least when your baby is still young.

If you transpose the thought process to a different environment, such as your household life, it’s fair to say that the answer is not free time anymore. The answer is something that you struggle to maintain and that you accepted as a given when you first moved in. Do you need a hint to figure out what it is?
You can’t see it with the naked eye.
It affects your mental and physical health.
It’s both inside and outside your home.
It keeps all things alive and alert.
It’s fresh air.
Of course, your home and your garden are full of it. However, can you be sure that your household air is the best and healthiest it could be? Here are a few tips to help you maximize your home air quality.

Who says fresh air says greens
There’s nothing more invigorating than walking through the garden and inhaling the fresh air from your beloved plants and features. That’s precisely why it’s crucial to make sure that your garden is making the most of its air. For instance, if you notice that a young bush or tree is cornered by other plants invading its space, you should consider relocating it in an empty area. Indeed, if you don’t help your greens to survive, you might be losing precious sources of oxygen. Similarly, you don’t need oxygen only on the ground, but also in the water. Homeowners who have a pond are familiar with the consequences of low oxygen in the water. Without an aerator – you can find high-quality solar powered pond aerator solutions here, for instance –, the water can heat up and become stagnant. Stagnant water is the ideal terrain for algae formation, which can dramatically affect the survival of your water plants.

Bring the garden inside too
You don’t have to go outside to find sufficient sources of oxygen. Your home ventilation system can actively renew your indoor air. But you can maximize freshness and cleanliness by adding carefully chosen houseplants to your interior decor. Indeed, according to NASA, some plants have a purifying effect on your home. Peace Lily, a beautiful evergreen plant, can actively remove airborne particles, improving your indoor air quality. Snake plant, Dracaena and Devil’s ivy have similar features too, helping you to renew your oxygen indoors.

Add a healthy twist
Last, but not lease, purifying your air is above remove toxins. You can, however, choose to make the air even healthy with a healthy diffuser machine. Indeed, a scent can boost your mood, especially during the dark winter months. You can also use a few drops of essential oils to clear out your nose and open your airways when you’re ill. Essential oils can help to fight off infections and viruses in the air!

Fresh air, clean air, healthy air, why choose when you can have it all at home? Make the most of the oxygen around you to boost your mood, your immune system and your overall quality of life.

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