These Health Conditions Don't Always Mean The Worst

by - December 07, 2018

There are a few diseases in the world that we are scared of because they carry a certain weight of morbid meaning. We hear about them when we’re young and how they have affected members in our family. We might have even been in contact with someone that is suffering from one of these diseases and so we have a picture in our mind of what it can do to us too. Therefore we kind of build up this picture in our mind what the disease can do to our health, maybe even our children also. Yet if we knew more about diseases like cancer, or even temporary conditions like pneumonia, we would be far less likely to panic. A b-12 deficiency is also something that can be quite easily managed or even stopped, yet we tend to consider it as something that will permanently damage us. All these misconceptions hinder our ability to act because we only want to see the health conditions in one way; as a death sentence. Obviously, with modern medicine and practices, we have a greater chance of survival of any of these conditions, but we can only get the help we need if we know what to do if we have them.

A locking of nerves   

When your body doesn’t get enough vitamin b-12 your nerves can become weak. This can actually cause a lot of knock-on effects that may also affect your muscles. When the nerves are not responding properly to the signals coming from the brain, movement can seem stiff and sluggish. Your muscles will become weaker and less developed and the everyday things you took for granted such as gripping something with your hands or even just walking, will become difficult. This is because your nerves aren’t getting the required level of protein they need to stay healthy and function properly. Many people think that if you are suffering from some kind of vitamin b-12 deficiency then you will be doing so permanently. It's not quicksand, in the regard that once you’re in it you can’t get out. This is far from the truth and if you take swift and consistent action you can climb out of these problems.

Firstly you have to reconsider your diet. Although the vegan diet is good for some things, overall it just does not provide the levels of protein your body needs. Even the vegetarian diet does not give your body enough protein to stay healthy. A mix of meat and vegetables is what you need to get out of this condition. However it's the kind of protein you intake that matters also. Chicken is good and helps considerably but the best kind of protein to receive vitamin b-12 is found in red meat. You don’t need to eat a lot, but around 500g per week of lean beef or lamb is the best natural treatment for a b-12 deficiency. You’ll feel your nerves are sharper and stronger within a couple of weeks if you take on this diet.

A stage of decline?

Cancer is something that many people fear but don’t understand. For one thing, if you asked someone you know how cancer actually destroyed someone’s health, they most likely wouldn’t know. It's a strange disease because it's essentially the body killing itself rather than some kind of foreign agent that enters the body. The simple way to understand cancer is that there is a faulty cell or possibly a lot of them. The body needs to create new cells every day to replace old and corrupt cells that aren’t working properly. However the faulty cell will replicate itself over and over and over even when there is no need for it to do so. This causes a tumor. The cells need something to live as they have grown into a large ball, so they rob veins and the blood support from other organs. This causes malnutrition and severe weakness, eventually causing the vital organs to fail. Sometimes if the tumor is large enough it will push against vital tissue such as in the brain, effectively crushing it and therefore also ending the person’s life.

Is stage 4 the end of it all? Reading this post on Cancer Horizons, it's not always the case. There are some survivors from this final stage of cancer, and although it is rare it's definitely not impossible. There is a lot of funding going into cancer research, however stage 4 is something that needs more as this is when the cancer cells begin to go into overdrive and have pretty much consumed the body. Studying what happens in this final stage is something that scientists all over the world are doing. Consequently, there are many experiments and drug trials for patients in this state. However there are cases of people living a lot longer than expected even with stage 4 cancer, so one should keep hope.

Filling up lungs

Pneumonia is something that mainly affects older people and young children. Pneumonia is an infection that happens in the lungs and affects the respiratory system directly. The worst case scenario is that the waste liquid that is produces the lungs from combating the infection and the infection itself, can lead to a lack of oxygen being absorbed in the lungs and this effectively dying from drowning.

However contrary to popular belief, pneumonia is quite easy to treat if caught early. Taken to the doctor immediately, you will be given antibiotics which work to kill the infectious bacteria in the lungs first. If those do not work, the doctor will use another more aggressive antibiotic. Given this treatment, you can be treated and free of pneumonia within a couple of weeks or less. Bed rest is great but what could help is fresh air to give your lungs fresh supplies of oxygen.

Cancer is the big one that we all fear but modern treatments are making it so our survival rate is a lot higher than it once was. Pneumonia can be treated very easily, the key is to catch it quickly by recognizing the symptoms. A b-12 deficiency doesn’t mean the end of your nerves, it just means you need to dramatically increase your protein intake and do so through red meat especially.

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