My New Skincare Routine Update

by - December 16, 2018

Back in October I was introduced to a new luxury, clean beauty skincare line designed with powerhouse, clinical grade ingredients, minus harsh chemicals like parabens and phthalates. Which is ideal for my sensitive and dry skin, Acqua Lumiere’s patented technology delivers exactly what my skin needs, precisely when it needs it. Featuring such efficacious fundamentals as Baobab Oil, High-Powered Hyaluronic Acid, Marine Collagen, Vitamin C and the precious gemstone Malachite, this tightly edited range of products works synergistically, generating measurable upticks in hydration, luminosity, softness and line-smoothing in just one week.

I have been using this Bellame skincare line just like I used to use my department store skincare regimen. In the morning I use my Vanity Planet spin spa facial cleaner brush and one pump of the Bellame Hydrating Cleanser and massage for two minutes on wet skin. Following with the Hydrating Moisturizer. From this point I let my skin settle, moving on to styling my hair before applying makeup.

At night is when my routine changed and from the results I've seen I would say it was for the better. Not only is the Acqua Lumiere collection designed to balance skin of all types, but it can double as a makeup removing facial mask. To remove even my most stubborn waterproof makeup I pump two pumps of the Hydrating Cleanser onto my fingertips and massage onto my dry skin. Yes I said dry... Just trust me. The cleanser is powerful enough to remove makeup, but gentle enough to smooth and condition. Once I am certain I've worked the cleanser into my skin enough to remove my makeup I lightly wipe away the day with a damp warm soft cloth.

My nightly routine hosts three luxurious steps. Following the mini makeup removing facial is the Hydrating Serum, the very definition of “good thing, small package”. The serum delivers a highly concentrated dose of mineral antioxidants from the copper-enriched gemstone Malachite. A favorite of the Egyptians, Malachite is known to firm skin, block inflammation and repair sun damage. So lightweight it sinks right into my skin, this mega-rich serum has reduced my redness and blemishes, fine lines, and even the dry spots caused by hereditary eczema. After I let that soak in to maximize all the benefits I finish my night time routine with the Hydrating Moisturizer from this morning.

Since using the Bellame Acqua Lumiere skin care routine I have noticed a dramatic difference in the balanced look of my complexion, massive reduction in the fine lines, puffiness under my eyes, and wrinkles that show horizontally across my forehead. I have heard from other Bellame users that this skin care system is like botox in a bottle and I have to agree. As a mom to a tenacious toddler boy I don't always have the time to pamper myself like I would like. Before Bellame motherhood had my skin feeling tired and looking lifeless. I started noticing a brightness, firmness, a more even skin tone and flawless hydration within the first week. All the other benefits have followed since. The more I use the better my skin is becoming. If you want to try Bellame for yourself bookmark the link and sign up for the email newsletter for company, restock, and new product information.

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