5 Health & Fitness Tips For Moms Working From Home

by - December 05, 2018

I know a lot of my regular readers will be working moms that work from home. Whether your employers allow you to work from home or you’re running a business, the chances are you’ll be stuck at a desk all day long.

But, the joy of working from home is that your schedule isn’t as strict. Therefore, you have plenty of time to adapt your routine, so you’re staying fit and healthy. This is something a lot of professional moms have trouble doing as they don’t know where to start or what to do. So, here are my health & fitness tips for work-at-home moms:

Set aside 20 minutes for a daily workout

20 minutes, that’s all it takes to get in a really good workout. No matter how busy you are, everyone can save at least 20 minutes per day. For me, the best time is around the lunch hour, as you can get a workout in and then eat lunch. Think about it, most professional people take lunch at the same time, so there’s at least an hour or so where hardly any business gets done. If you’re wondering how to get these workouts in, then you can do them right there in your home. These days, there are sites that provide loads of streaming workout choices, which means you can follow a video from home. Now, you’ve got something to follow, some time set aside, and a chance to get fit! If you work this into your usual lunch hour, then it’s so easy to do. Plus, seeing as you’re home alone, there’s no need to change or shower, so you can wear gym clothes all day to save more time.

Take a 5-minute break every hour to stretch

Posture is a vital part of health & fitness, yet it goes neglected most of the time. If you have lousy posture, then you just end up in all sorts of pain and with your body in an absolute mess. The problem for working moms is that sitting at a desk typing all day is the number one cause of posture issues. So, these five-minute breaks help give your body some freedom as you can stand up, move around, and stretch for a bit. Stretch your chest, upper back, hips and lower back. This will get everything looser and can undo some of the issues that may be occurring. All working moms should do this, and there are no excuses when you’re home! There aren’t any office policies in place to stop you stretching, there’s no risk of embarrassing yourself in front of coworkers; so just do it.
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Start your mornings with a substantial breakfast

Naturally, nutrition is a key part of staying healthy and fit. I find that the hardest thing about maintaining a good diet is the temptation to snack. You get those belly grumbles midway through the morning, so you reach out for anything close by to eat. Usually, this means you binge on bad foods! To stop this, you need to start your mornings with a substantial breakfast. What I mean is that your breakfast needs to be full of nutrients and fills you up. So many people just grab something quick to eat, and it never fills them up. Cereal is the main culprit; it’s never going to keep you full through to lunch! Instead, try something like porridge mixed in with a nut butter of your choice, some fruit, and granola. A big bowl of this is sure to keep you going for many hours. Alternatively, greek yogurt is also very filling so a bowl of that with fruit, granola, or muesli will do the trick. To help you out, I’ve put a video above that shows a delicious oatmeal recipe to try. The bonus effect of a substantial breakfast is that you’re now full of energy and more alert, which translates into a far better work performance!

Make lunch the night before

Staying with your nutrition, and we come to lunch at around midday. Again, my issue with lunch is that I want it to be quick and painless. I don’t want to go to the kitchen and cook for half an hour, meaning I’ve basically taken up the whole lunch break. Especially when you factor in the 20-minute workout idea from earlier. A lot of the time, you go into your kitchen and get things that are quick to cook, which either turn out to be unhealthy microwave meals or really unsubstantial things like a cheese sandwich. You can solve your problems by making lunch the night before. Get everything prepared - I sometimes like to make quick pasta that can be eaten warm or cold, or maybe just a simple grilled chicken salad. Do a quick Google search, and you will find thousands of lunch ideas that you can make in the evening, and stick in the fridge overnight. If you want to be really prepared, then make your meals in bulk and freeze them, so they last for weeks. Now, your nutrition will be in check as you can go to the fridge and warm up a healthy meal in minutes!

Go for a long walk after work

The biggest downside of working from home is that you’re often confined to one room. You barely do anything, other than the lunchtime workout and your stretches. When you work in an office, then you tend to walk around more as you go out for lunch and walk somewhere, then walk back, you walk to the train station, or you might even walk home. This makes you more active, which helps burn more calories throughout the day, leading to more weight loss. So, when you’ve finished work for the day, go for a nice long walk. 15-30 minutes is all it takes to get a good few thousand steps in, and you could even do this with your child or while walking the dog.

Working from home gives you the perfect platform to dedicate more time to health & fitness. Use my ideas, and you’ll soon be more active and have much better nutritional habits!

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