Transforming The Garden Into A Winter Wonderland

by - November 23, 2018

Winter is always a time for magical and wonder, and with thanksgiving and Christmas in the winter season we always look forward to feeling special and wonderful at this time of the year. Once we’ve decorated the home for Christmas we might forget about the garden, but actually there is a way of making your garden feel just as magical as everything else…

Clean the windows

Before you even venture out into the garden you will want to make sure that your view out to it isn’t encumbered by anything else. This will mean taking the time to clean your windows and Patio Doors to make sure that you can see out into the snow covered garden each day. Make sure you are careful to get rid of any streaks from the windows and you can also think about using a disposable dehumidifier to keep the windows from going mouldy.

Add winter colour

The garden is a place we usually overlook in the winter because we often want to make sure that they stay safe and that the first doesn’t kill off our plants. Although it is advisable not to touch your trees and shrubs at the moment, you can make changes to the space by adding a plant such as Holly. Holly will give beautiful red berries all the way through the winter and of course this can make all the difference to the space. The addition of colour can elevate the garden to the next level.

Bring in the festive spirit

We all want to make our living spaces as festive as possible in the winter and a great way to do this is to bring in some decorations to the garden. This can be as bold as a massive inflatable santa in the front garden, or perhaps a little more subtle like baubles hanging from your trees outside. There are also some amazing solar powered candy cane lights on amazon which can look amazing if you create a path through the garden with them!

Keep it tidy

The garden is just like the rest of the house during winter and we want to make sure the space is as clean and tidy as it can be. This will include moving twigs and fallen branches as well as trimming the lawn and making sure to rake up any leaves in the space. If you can gather leaves into the compost bin this is even better because you can have perfect mulch ready to spread before spring!

Add lights

Can there really be Christmas magic without some festive lighting? Lights can be a wonderful way to add the festive spirit to a space and you can add a few different sets throughout the space for maximum effect. For example bringing in a net on your bushes, a set of colour changing lights along the windows and some solar powered ones through the flower beds can make the garden look and feel like magic for the whole of the festive season.

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