Isn't It Time You Made An Investment In Your Health?

by - November 20, 2018

You sit down with a slight groan and get up feeling stiff and sore. Living with recurring pain is no joke.

But live with it we all do, never really finding the time to deal with it properly, taking pain relief to quell the symptoms and thinking that you really should get booked in to see your doctor or chiropractor one of these days. Our hectic lives make this a real challenge but stopping a groan from turning into something much more sinister is well worth paying attention to.

The issue is exaggerated if doing your favourite sport or physical activity just makes it worse. Runners often find themselves with a whole range of pressure points from inflamed tendons to sore knees but the drive towards better times and greater distances often drives them to ignore their body’s need to stop, rest and recover. In some cases making the problem far worse than it even needs to be.
Athletes, in particular, find themselves under immense pressure to not cave in to a perceived weakness.

There are lots of reasons to consider seeing a physical therapist or chiropractor but none more pressing than if your pain is getting worse. There are also other symptoms that may worry you, such as numbness in part of your body or having headaches. These secondary pains or complications are when you know it’s time to tell the boss you’re taking the morning off.

Remember, you don’t have to be an athlete or professional sports player to be in need of some TLC for your aches and pains.
These days neck pain is becoming increasingly prevalent among office workers and anyone spending too much time hunched over a laptop working at home. Getting the job done and not paying attention to your posture is all too common an issue.

Medical professionals will advise you that there are exercises you can perform to take care of recurring aches but realistically remembering to perform them in a working day can be a test in itself. They really do only make an impact if carried out regularly and not once in a while.

Across the world, neck pain features at number four in the most common complaints from office workers, only beaten by various forms of back and shoulder problems.  It’s hardly surprising when so many of the world’s office workers are sitting in chairs that don’t adequately support their physical working space.

Gradually, the corporate world is taking this more seriously and the advent of the stand up desk has been a major step forward, also alleviating circulatory problems. But even a better fitted chair, adjusted to your exact height and build will make a huge difference. Don’t be afraid to ask the boss to fit you out, chances are he or she has one already!

While taking pain relief is often seen as the quickest way to dealing with pain, there’s plenty of evidence out there that shows a chiropractor or other health care professional has better long term effectiveness. Read on to learn more about why.

In fact studies carried out by a university in Minnesota, USA, showed there were similar results in the reduction of neck pain between groups who visited a chiropractor and those who maintained a set exercise routine. Pain medication came a poor third place behind these two. Good news for people still sitting on the fence about how to deal with their recurrent pain problems.

So what is it that holds people back? Fear is often cited as the biggest reason. To go and visit a practitioner who offers a hands-on service can make people very nervous indeed. The thought that they’ll hear their bones cracking and the  potential pain of getting their body realigned is almost too much. Fear too of generally feeling uncomfortable or not fully understanding a procedure can also be off putting. The cost, of course, can often be a major factor but what better investment than your health?
And if you are a sports fanatic, or take part in a particular activity regularly you may be delaying a visit for fear that the medical professional is going to tell you it’s all over. While your dream of playing in the Superbowl may have ended some years ago, no one likes to be told they can’t take part in something they get a great deal of enjoyment out of.

Of course there are ways around these fears from having medical insurance or accessing a free service to asking your practitioner to communicate very clearly to you what is about to happen and why they’re doing it. Taking the first steps can be nerve wracking but picture a future free from that nagging pain in your back and you’ll soon find more reason to book an appointment then not.

Perhaps this notion of the stern doctor or chiropractor is still a prevalent idea but nowadays an old fashioned one. With the dawn of Google and the very fact that   people are far more keen to figure out their own lifestyle adjustments, rather than just rely on the health care system, more and more people are taking a proactive, partnership approach to their own health.

This is born out with the sheer volume of exercise and lifestyle bloggers offering their advice on everything from how to run a marathon to the benefits of certain vitamins and superfoods.

While the internet offers a lot of advice in this regard, the sheer wall of information can be impenetrable and making sure you’re getting high quality, scientifically backed suggestions can be a real slog. Finding advice is the easy part, making sure it’s the right advice is so much more of a challenge.

And that’s why in the long run to really stop that groaning back or the neck and shoulder pain that sometimes leads to excruciating headaches, getting the right treatment by the right person is invaluable. Don’t suffer in silence, your health and wellbeing is way more important than meeting that deadline or beating that time, get yourself back to full health and put a spring in your step.

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