Crafting Your Coping System: How To Deal With Everything When It’s Is Going Wrong At Home

by - November 23, 2018

We all experience those days where nothing seems to be going right. If you're a glass half empty sort of person, everything is going wrong! Sometimes all we want to do is get the basic house duties sorted, but even cleaning your house appears to be the most difficult of tasks. Maybe it's because the children are particularly needy, or we haven't got the energy, and we feel well and truly burnt out. And when it sets off a chain reaction- maybe appliances break down or the car stops working- throughout all of this, the responsibility is yours, and it can be too much. How can we cope?

We all experience the symptoms- we get stressed, and so we begin to breathe shallowly. And it's such an overused sentiment, but taking that opportunity to stop, center yourself amid the chaos, and take a few deep breaths gives you that moment to remain calm and decide how best to tackle everything. What we can make the mistake of doing, especially when we've got to get our children ready is that we completely neglect ourselves, either this means going without breakfast, or forgetting more important things, such as our medication. If it's something you don't normally do, learn the art of slowing down, you may think that the stress and anxiety gives you the energy to keep going, but after a while, it's not healthy.

Problem-Solving, Bit By Bit
Tackling the issue is about breaking down the problem into manageable tasks. Part of the reason we get so overwhelmed is that the magnitude of the task is too much to bear. Organization is incredible in this respect, because you can give yourself a sense of order. Problem-solving is all about breaking down something into smaller tasks. What you have to do, when there are things happening that are beyond your control, such as appliances breaking down, is to take the opportunity to prioritize. If you're out of clothes, what can you do in the meantime? Can you take your clothes to a neighbor to wash? And in the meantime, this gives you the opportunity to contact a professional to get the appliance fixed. We all know there are plenty out there, Appliance Repair being one of many. But what’s important when you are planning how to tackle each problem, prioritizing and making a list gives you the opportunity to lay out exactly what to do, but in addition to this, this may make you realize that, on paper, you haven't got that many things to do!

Because we can feel overwhelmed by tasks, because we keep it in our brain, this stops us being in the moment, focusing on tasks properly, or even getting to sleep! When we feel that everything is going wrong, it's this combination of learning how to calm yourself and problem-solve in a productive manner. And when we're used to going a million miles an hour, this is our autopilot. But how can we expect to solve any issues when we feel like this?

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