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by - October 18, 2018

One of the many benefits of being a blogger is the luxury of sampling all sorts of new and innovative products. Milo and I have gotten to try loads and loads of various gadgets and products in our day and most seem to fall short, but when I find one I love and that changes the way I view my routine and even myself, I can't wait to share those thoughts and experiences with all of you. For a little over a week I have been using the Bellame Acqua Lumiere Hydrating Facial Cleanser and the Bellame Acqua Lumiere Hydrating Cream Moisturizer. My skin has never been brighter, clearer, or more radiant since becoming a mom. For the past two years I have been stressed, tired, overwhelmed, and more times than not my skincare was a daily step I skipped. Oh and trust me when I say, all of that was written all over my face. I feel like now that I have found an ultra-luxurious line packed with powerhouse, clinical grade ingredients—minus harsh chemicals like parabens and phthalates. My skin can go back to looking like it did or even better than before baby. Motherhood is hard, but you don't have to look as rough as you may feel. 

My Skincare Routine 

I have been using the Bellame Acqua Lumiere Hydrating Cleanser two ways for about a week and here is my updated skincare routine and my personal results.

 In the morning I dollop two pumps of cleanser onto my wet Vanity Planet Glowspin Facial Brush and cleanse lightly for about 1 1/2 minutes. Focusing on any problem or oily areas. Then rinse with warm water and pat dry. (no rubbing or wiping dry) "dab dab" I then apply about two pumps of the moisturizer and rub outward in circular motions. 

I have dry and very sensitive skin and surprisingly even though this moisturizer is lightweight, it is still ultra hydrating. It also seems to have a firming effect. I can feel that since using this my skin has felt stronger, firmer, and with less dry patches. After applying the moisturizer I go onto any hair styling I do before applying makeup. Giving the face a chance to relax and soak in all the moisturizer. 

I always try to wash my face twice daily. Especially, if I am wearing makeup. I have found that my makeup goes on easier, looks smoother, and lasts longer when applied to a clean fresh canvas. At night I use the Bellame Acqua Lumiere Hydrating Cleanser a little differently than I do in the morning. I pump two pumps of cleanser onto my fingertips and massage into my dry face in small circular motions. Focusing on any areas where makeup was applied with a heavier hand such as eyes and concealed spots. This cleanser, to my complete and utter surprise, triples as a makeup remover and face mask. I was shocked when it removed my IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara because girl.. let me tell you, nothing gets that all the way off. Well until now. I have tried makeup remover wipes, and even before using this cleanser I used coconut oil to remove my makeup and every morning I still woke up with mascara spots under my eyes. 

Once I have massaged the cleanser into my face and feel confident everything was all worked up I use a warm damp washcloth to dab away the cleanser. Then just like in the morning I apply the Bellame Acqua Lumiere Hydrating Moisturizer gently rubbing in small outward circular motions. 

I top this nightly routine with Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I use coconut oil nightly as a "face mask" to even out my skin tone and redness, hydrate and soothe my skin along with minimize the appearance of my psoriasis in the cooler months. I go to sleep with the coconut oil on my face and wash it away and any other nightly accumulated debris in the morning as a fresh start to my day. 

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With the holidays coming faster than we think this new skincare line would make for the perfect gift. The Bellame Acqua Lumiere Hydrating Eye Cream and the Bellame Acqua Lumiere Hydrating Serum would make ideal beloved stocking stuffers! You can check out the full product range, more product details, and the story behind the skincare "Inspired by luxury. Powered by science." here: 

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