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by - October 03, 2018

When it comes to matching themed costumes I have always been a fan, so from the moment I found out I was going to become a mother I knew I wanted to match my little one for as long as he would let me. (ya know before it started to become lame and embarrassing) However, I noticed it's not as easy to find matching mother and son costumes like it would be for mother and daughter. So I had to get a little creative and these are a few of the costumes I have come up with I really think all the boy moms out there will love. I found all of these costumes on Costume Discounters and to save 15-25% make sure to click the links and use my codes in the banners!

Costume Discounters

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

How stinkin' cute is this Wizard of Oz Dorothy and Lil Lion costume set! The mommy costume is charming while being conservative enough to go trunk or treating with your toddler or to a community halloween event! Which can sometimes be a bit difficult to find around halloween time. Not everyone likes to walk out the door in lingerie. Especially, if you live somewhere that gets a bit chilly this time of year.

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Vixen & Vigilantly

This cat woman costume is hot hot hot without being ultra revealing. We all know cat woman is known for her skin tight black catlike bodysuits and if you are one fit momma and you got it...Why not flaunt it?

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A Super Diaper Duo

Are you a super duper mommy son duo ready to save the world!? I currently can't think of anything cuter than a baby with a cape... can you?

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You've Got A Friend In Me

Is your little one a big fan of the Toy Story movie series? If so, then you have to check out this Woody and Jesse themed costume set! At times it can be a bit of a challenge to find matching mother and son outfits. Luckily, the thoughtful people over at Disney make it just a tad easier with fun family characters like these.

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Classic Video Game Besties 

Mario and Luigi are one of the most epic partnerships in video game entertainment history. This combo may be my favorite for this year and I am highly considering changing my costume idea for Milo and I to this one here.

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A Galaxy Far Far Away

Star Wars.... The outfits from this epic cinematic saga are countless. Some of my favorite characters from the movies are the ewoks (toddler costume pictured below ) and Chewie! (the women's Chewbacca costume pictured below). Star Wars is such an epic theme for Halloween because no matter how large or small your trick or treat group may be there is a costume for everyone.

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The Mighty Warrior

Whether you are a history buff or a fan of the show (Vikings) these adorable viking costumes are almost too cute to bear. However, if we were in real life viking times they would most likely be wearing real bears. Though don't worry, these are faux of course.
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A Renaissance Kingdom

A young knight and a renaissance princess. If this got any more darling I may faint... like a damsel in distress! I know I know I'm alive with wit!
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Voyager of the Seas

This outfit combo may be the most wallet friendly, while still being cute and creative. Pirates are always a hit during Halloween, but matching mother and son pirate costumes makes them far less overrated.

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Who Ya Gunna Call?
Now this is a mommy costume that can go in a more sexy direction if you so choose, but either way this is one funny costume set. You are bound to get some looks and giggles while knocking on the neighbors doors in these classic 80's movie replicas.

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These your favorite costume combos in the comments below! Feel free to tag me on social media this Halloween if you are rocking a mommy and son matching theme. I am starting to get so excited to take Milo trick or Treating this year. Are you excited for Halloween too?

Costume Discounters

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