How to Boost Instagram Traffic with the NEW Hashtag Finder from Tailwind

by - October 22, 2018

Increasing your following on instagram can be a challenge. I'm sure that you, just like I, get all these messages from company personal saying they can promote and increase your IG engagement with simply a small fee. Paying for a following is never the way to go. Actually, Instagram has implemented into their algorithm lowering the exposure of "paid to follow" accounts. So, in the long run it actually hurts you to buy your following.

One of the things brands and sponsors look for when searching for an influencer is their reach. Reach is how many people engage with and view their social media. Brands want to know that when they pay an influencer to promote their product or service they are getting the most bang for their buck.

There are a few simple ways you can boost the engagement on your IG to catch the eyes of brands and companies you wish to work with as you become a money making blogger.

1.) IG Hashtags

I am sure, as many of you already know, you can promote your IG photos with simple relatable hashtags (#). But what hashtags are best to get your photos into the eyes of many? The new Instagram Hashtag Finder is a tool by Tailwind, the massively popular Pinterest and Instagram scheduler. The Hashtag Finder helps you choose the best hashtags to organically and positively promote your photo. Check out the video to see how this new blogger must have tool will increase your Instagram engagement by 2.5x!! 

2.) Theme 

I have noticed since I removed my ZYIA Active photos onto it's own separate IG profile that my blog's Instagram profile has been much more happily engaging. I am the brand of my blog and I think it was throwing people off seeing ZYIA Activewear throughout my page. Picking a theme is a must for growing your IG. From what I've learned people on my ZYIA page want to see fitness and activewear and followers from my blog page want to see blog related images.  

3.) Quality & Consistency 

Though the overly edited and staged IG feeds may be a dying breed, people want relatable, obtainable, and real, quality images are alive and well. When choosing a photo to upload to your followers make sure the image isn't grainy or pixelated. That the colors are vibrant and the background is put together and nicely thought out. You don't need to be a professional photographer to succeed on Instagram. Just post thoughtful photos, within your theme and niche on a consistent basis using the new Hashtag Finder tool from Tailwind and your following will be sure to increase. 

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  1. This is some great suggestions, tips and trick :)
    Thanks for sharing dear!

    - Marina W

    1. you're welcome! let me know if any of these worked for you!