Are You Ready For A Day Out Hiking?

by - October 24, 2018

It’s not even winter yet, but most households have already fallen into the typical winter slump. With shorter days and longer nights, it’s easy to get lazy and want to spend all your spare time at home. After all, who would want to go out when it’s so dark and gray outside? Combined with the resurgence of colds and flu complaints, the simple idea of spending time outdoors could seem unappealing. Isn’t it the quickest way to catch a cold and spend the next few days feeling feverish and miserable?
However, countless medical studies suggest that it’s precisely this winter slump that affects your health. Indeed, staying inactive and favoring indoor environments can lead to health complaints and low mood. Your body is not made for hibernation. On the contrary, now is the best time to go out and recharge your batteries!

Cozy outfits that make you want to go out
Goodbye cute summer dresses and sweet shorts. Hello, warm jumpers, thick socks and long pants. It’s easy to see how a change of outfit can make you feel less active. Fall and winter clothes tend to be heavier and bulkier. They don’t feel as liberating as a light summer dress! As a result, the last thing you might want to do once you’ve put on your warm clothes is to go outside. But if you know where to look, you can find warm and cozy outfits that make you feel light and active in the athletic wear sector, A warm sweater combined with a pair of leggings can be the boost of energy you need to get off the sofa!

Pack extra for your little ones
If you want to make the most of your weekend during the fall season, you need to grab a rucksack of handy tools and toys for your family. Going for a walk outside with young children means that you need to find ways of keeping them entertained. Packing a couple of toys can do the trick! Don’t plan long walks with toddlers and kids under 5, unless you are happy to carry them when they get tired. The same argument is valid for small dogs as they can struggle over long distances. But that doesn’t mean you should stick to short tracks. You can buy a dog carrier bag – is a good address if you’re looking for a safe and ergonomic solution. Remember to pack a snack for yourself and your family if you’re spending the afternoon outside.

Heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder? Fight it!
The days are shorter, and therefore it can throw your circadian rhythms off – which can affect your mood, your sleep cycles and your digestion. Doctors refer to this phenomenon as SAD – seasonal affective disorder. Spending as much time outside as possible during fall and winter can ensure that your body continues to be exposed to daylight. Daylight is critical to maintaining your circadian rhythms, keeping your body ticking along.

When the weather's getting cold, the best thing you can do to help your body stay healthy is to spend as much time as possible outside. Direct sun exposure is not only good for your mood, but it also keeps you strong. So put your best leisurewear on, pack everything you need for your little ones – from children to dogs – and explore your surroundings this weekend!

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