Keeping Your Body Strong As You Get Older

by - September 17, 2018

When you’re a busy mom, your fitness routine can be one of the first things to go out the window. It can be difficult to fit in exercise around work, the school run and all of your other responsibilities. However, keeping your body strong and healthy is important, particularly as you get older. Running around after the kids requires you to be strong both physically and mentally, so you need to make sure you dedicate some time to keeping fit.
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While your energy levels might not be what they were pre-kids, you can still establish a fantastic routine that will keep your body strong and healthy. Here are some tips for keeping your body strong as you get older.

Don’t be afraid of weights

If you’ve always leaned towards more cardio-based forms of exercise, then perhaps it’s time you changed things around. Weight-based exercise can help you to develop stronger, leaner muscles that will benefit your body as you age. Don’t buy into the belief that lifting weights will make you look like a bodybuilder, the right free weights exercises can help you burn fat and tone up to help you develop a leaner physique without having to spend hours on the treadmill.

Build up your fitness over time

It’s easy to give up on your fitness routine before you’ve even got into it properly, but acknowledging that it takes time will help you to succeed. If it’s been a while since you’ve exercised or you’re recovering from an injury, you’ll want to start off with walking, swimming or gentle jogging. Set yourself a new goal each week and you’ll soon build up your fitness. Try not to take on anything too difficult too soon, as this can cause an injury - you wouldn’t want a strenuous gym session to be responsible for a hip replacement! If you’re unsure of where to get started then a personal trainer might be able to help you figure it out.

Get flexible

Staying flexible is important when you’ve got kids to look after. Improving your flexibility can help take care of your joints and your muscles and prevent those common aches and pains that can come with age. Yoga is a great exercise to add into your routine. Some of the health benefits of yoga include its ability to reduce stress, lower your blood pressure as well as making you more flexible. Yoga is something you can practice at home or in a fitness class, and you can even get the kids involved too.

Whatever your current fitness level, focusing on improving your strength is a great goal to have. Through a combination of exercise and healthy eating, you can help your body get fit and strong ready for whatever life throws at you. It’s never too late to get started, so do your body a favor and start getting stronger today. Need some help? Take a look at these fitness tips and tricks to help you reach your goals.

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