How To Create A Mommy Spa At Home

by - September 20, 2018

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After spending a long day potty training a defiant toddler, cleaning, cooking and making sure your family are all still alive and well, wouldn’t it be nice to have a space specifically designed to restore your mind and body back to a state where you feel refreshed and ready to take on the next day? Moms tend to naturally put others before themselves on a daily basis and sometimes can be neglectful of their own much-needed self-care. Below are a few options on how to create a spa retreat at home by making some changes and adding some treats to your bathroom.  

Soothing Paint Colours

Start by opting for a serene palette of colors to add a soothing visual aspect to your at-home spa. Interestingly, different colors have been discovered to give different effects on our mental state. Where violet is thought to inspire feelings of luxury and spiritual awareness, green represents shades of harmony and peace. Although we can’t all be confined to a prescribed color that will suit us individually, it is best to visit a local DIY store and purchase a few samples. Create a few patches in your spa to be, and decide which color has the desired effect after viewing it a few times when you're in different states of mind.

Spa Features

Perhaps your current bathroom suite is not to your liking, and you would prefer to remodel to get closer to your very own at home spa. Whether to incorporate added storage to clear away clutter which causes you to stress, to create a luxury walk-in rain shower or to splash out on a whirlpool bath, it’s always best to hire an A+ Construction Pro to take care of your bathroom remodeling.

Luxury Accessories

From scented candles and essential oils to luxury towels, bath bombs, beauty treats, and memory foam bath mats, there are numerous affordable ways to transform your bathroom to your own little sanctuary instantly. You can easily shop online and scout high street sales for spa-like items to add to your retreat without breaking the bank. Essential oils in particular, such as lavender provide therapeutic and relaxing aromas for the body, a must have for an at-home spa to help you wind down after a challenging day.

Light dimmers

A candle or two may not suffice for adequate lighting if you’re attempting to read a paperback book. Fitting a dimmer switch can help alter the ambiance of a room and reduce the glare of bright lights. Creating a spa-like feel to the area and reducing your chance of getting a migraine with a simple, cost-effective light dimmer switch can alter the room instantly from a functional bathroom to relaxation parlor.

If you’ve visited a spa, you’ll know that following a beautiful day or weekend in a bubble of bliss can be popped when you’re thrust back into reality once you've exited the spa retreat. An at-home spa means you can maintain your calm throughout the evening and crawl into bed at your own pace, with no need to do real life things like put on clothes or look presentable for public consumption. Unlike a real spa, your at home retreat means you have unlimited access to repair and restore the life and soul the day has chipped away from you.

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