Thinking More Laterally About Your Mommy Workouts

by - July 21, 2018

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It's an excuse we've all used before, we haven't got the time. But, when you are a busy mother, getting a proper workout routine in is one of the most difficult things in life. We all know that our fitness and our health is paramount, but, we seem to think that in order to get a proper workout in, we've got to go to the gym. Granted, there are some aspects of the gym that we can all benefit from, even the social aspect is great for a mom who spends her whole day indoors. But, if we have a busy schedule, or we have had a few problems at home with the kids, workouts tend to slip down the priority list. But, when it comes to fitting a workout into a busy schedule, especially when you've got children that are hanging off your leg and need you at least every 10 seconds, what do you need to change?
It's Not About Quantity
What we tend to think is that it's all about getting a good quality 45-minute workout in at least three times a week. This is a big ask, especially if you have to make a journey to and from the gym. Instead, let's break it down. The goal of exercise is to tear those muscle fibers, and so they rebuild stronger, and, for most of us moms, losing weight is always a handy by-product. So, are there ways to make the most of your time but still get the desired results? No doubt you have heard of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and this encompasses things like Tabata sprints, but when you break down the fundamentals of HIIT it's about exerting yourself more than you would have ever done before in a typical workout routine. Time is of the essence. So, when embarking on this type of workout routine, your goal is to run yourself to the brink of exhaustion. This can be done quicker than you think! Now, this is great in terms of cardio, but what if you are trying to build muscle? This is where something called time under tension comes in handy, because you are struggling to get a proper workout in, it's now time to throw away those light dumbbells, and aim for complete muscle hypertrophy. You know that feeling at the end of a workout, those last 5 reps when you are in extreme pain? This is what you aim for. It can be done very simply, without much equipment at all. In fact, resistance bands are one of the secret weapons in a busy mother’s arsenal. Because they are compact, and the stronger resistance bands can mimic up to 125 lbs. in tension, there is no need for heavy weights. This is been shown with products like the X3 bar, and the benefits of time under tension is discussed in great detail on sites like Body By Science. We seem to think that developing strength, losing weight, or muscle is about putting in a superhuman effort, but, and the way your body adapts to exercise is by changing itself according to the tension you put it under. So don't always think about if you haven't been able to get in a lengthy work out at all this week, instead, pick the moves that you know will exhaust the right muscles.
It's Time To Get Scheduling!
If you still find getting a workout in a struggle, after a few months, you have completely forgotten about getting any decent workout in. We tend to place priority over everyone else apart from ourselves, which is a very natural thing to do as a parent, but as far as your health is concerned, it is vital you schedule appropriate workout time. Of course, as already said, quality is of the essence, and so, if you are struggling to find any time in which to do any exercising, do you have 10 seconds here, or 20 seconds there to do a few push-ups, or run on the spot? Any exercise is better than no exercise at all. And when it comes to building up strength, it's argued that this, in fact, is more beneficial than time in the gym. Greasing the groove is something that is discussed by exercise specialists now as a way of building natural strength. This is a great thing if you find yourself constantly weak, because you’re undernourished, or you are running yourself into the ground with everything in life, and you're neglecting your own health. Greasing the groove is not about exhausting yourself, it's about doing 50% to 60% of your maximum ability. For example, if you can only do 10 push-ups before you are exhausted, do 5 or 6, and go about your day. When you have time again, do another 5 or 6. The goal is not to get tired at all, and before you know it, throughout the course of the day, you will have done 20, 30, 40, or even 100 push-ups, especially if you've been at home all day. This is a fantastic way to build up strength, and it's not like you're putting much effort into it either. And if you did this in conjunction with scheduling fitness classes when you need time away from the house, no matter how far you go, you are going to see the benefits. Scheduling in a workout is something that we can't always do, but this is where greasing the groove comes in handy, but also, by putting it in a calendar and forcing yourself to go to that class, or even run for 10 minutes around the block, you are putting yourself into the mindset of exercising, and this is half the battle.

Time is one of the things we haven't got in abundance, and because now people talk about how you can easily get overweight if you don't exercise, it's time to start thinking a bit more laterally in how you can get your workouts in, whether this is marking it down in a calendar, doing little and often, or just doing what you can to exhaust those muscles, you will increase your overall fitness.

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