Review: Attitude Dishwashing Liquid

by - July 15, 2018

What's Inside?

One thing I really loved about this Attitude Dishwashing Liquid is that the ingredients are super simple. No added chemicals, fragrances, or unpronounceables. With a baby in my home I really like to use plant based and hypoallergenic daily cleansers. This gives me a peace of mind that the products I am using all over my home are safe while also being effective.

Attitude promises to use only the safest and purest ingredients.
Aqua (solvent), Coco glucoside (surfactant), Myristyl glucoside (surfactant), Lauryl glucoside (surfactant), Sodium chloride (viscosity controller), Sodium gluconate (chelating agent), Sodium citrate (chelating agent).

Do Plant Based Cleansers Actually Work?

I have always been a little extra cautious about the products I use that return back into the water, such as cleansers, bath products, and laundry detergents. In this area I always get asked all the crunchy questions, but the most frequently asked one is: "Do plant based cleansers actually work?" The answer is yes! Absolutely! One of the easiest products to switch when making your way to a more environmentally friendly clean home is dishwashing liquids. I have found dishwashing liquids that are plant based with limited ingredients actually reduce the appearance of residues and soap spots. With no added ingredients to remain on my dishes my wine glasses and handwashables come out clearer and cleaner. The Attitude plant and mineral based dishwashing liquid is just as tough on caked on food and grease as the leading chemical based cleaner. I just feel a little better while cleaning my dishes knowing my cleanser is non toxic and eco friendly.

Aren't Plant Based Eco Friendly Cleaners Way More Expensive?

It is such a myth that you have to be a millionaire to be eco friendly. This GIANT 700ml bottle will last me quite awhile and is only $4.95 on Attitudes website. You can also find a wide variety of Attitude products through other retail sites such as Amazon.

EWG – a trusted partner

Attitudes R&D team bases their selection of ingredients on Environmental Working Group (EWG) assessments. Attitude is proud to work with EWG, because they guarantee safety and support their mission to use exclusively worry-free ingredients.

Final Thoughts

Anytime I can easily make a change for the better I always will. Attitude makes going a little greener super simple. With ranges from baby/personal care, home cleaners, all the way to pet health. Turn the whole family green with clean! Even being accepted by the National Eczema Association! If you are a long time reader than you already know, but for those of you who don't, Milo and I both suffer from eczema and ultra sensitive skin. My hands used to itch and dry out so bad after doing dishes it was not only annoying but physically painful. Since I was graciously sent Attitudes dishwashing liquid to try out my hands have never been happier. Attitude is looking like it's going to become the next go to eco friendly home product brand name! I look forward to trying so many more of their products and urge you to give them a shot! You may just love Attitude as much as I do!

Not often do I give out all five golden hearts but over the past couple weeks I have really fallen in love with this dishwashing liquid. My dishes are clean and clear and my hands are soft and itch free! Since Milo and I moved house this has become so much more than just a dish cleaner and more of a grease fighting, soap scum battling multipurpose must have. 

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💛💛💛💛💛 (5/5)

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