7 Tips to Keep Your House Cool In the Summer Heat without Air Conditioning

by - June 12, 2018

Summers are getting increasingly hot, and once your walls have warmed up, there’s little you can do to keep your house cool without installing an expensive air conditioning system. If you don’t have thousands and don’t want to pay a lot of money for your electricity bill in the summer, check out the DIY air cooling and conditioning tips below to stay comfortable and sleep better even on hot summer nights.
  1. Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are more effective than the mobile tower or traditional ones. You can simply change your current light fittings that will include a fan, and you’ll notice the difference straight away. The larger the blades of the ceiling fan are the more air it will circulate, and the more effective it will be. Choose one that suits the style and design of your home, as well as the size of the room you are trying to keep cold. The good news is that ceiling fans are usually less noisy than traditional versions.
  1. Thermal Curtains

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If you have a room that gets direct sunlight all day, you will have to improve your shading. Replace your traditional curtains with thermal ones that will keep the sun’s heat out of your room. You don’t necessarily have to go for a dull and dark design; the backing of the curtain is what matters the most when it comes to insulating your room and keeping it cool.
  1. Insulated Blinds

Thanks to the latest invention of honeycomb blinds, you can now keep the heat out without having to live in darkness. The technology will trap the air inside the blinds, and this means you will get the impact of a double glazed window. There are plenty of designs and colors available at your local DIY and home store, so make sure that you are choosing one that matches your overall style and decor.
  1. Day and Night Blinds

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Another great way of keeping the sun’s rays from entering your rooms is getting day and night blinds. Usually manufactured in bright colors, they will seal your windowsill and reflect the sun’s rays back while giving your home a makeover. You will not have to fully darken your room, but can enjoy just the right level of shading every time of the day. Unlike vertical blinds, you will not have a gap between the strips when you are letting some brightness in.
  1. Wet Your Curtains to Create Natural Air Conditioning

When the heat becomes unbearable, you can try getting a spray bottle and regularly wetting your curtains while keeping the windows open. When the air goes through the wet curtain or blind, it will naturally cool down, so you are able to create a natural air conditioning solution. This method, however, will not hike up your energy bill. Indeed, it will cost you a bit of water if that.
  1. Keep the Sun Out

You can find other ways of keeping the sun out other than shading and curtains. If you can get some small shrubs planted in your windowsill, you can create natural shade and protect the window. Alternatively, get some conifer trees in a pot and place them on your balcony or in front of your front window. The faster they grow them more shade they will create. An additional benefit of using plants is that they will filter the pollution out of the outdoor air entering your home. You might also consider improving the insulation of your home by investing in Replacement Windows that are better at keeping your house warm in the winter and cold in the summer.  
  1. Let Air Circulate

Opening one window on one side of the house will never cool your home down. It is important that you let the air circulate. Open your doors every now and then, especially if they are on the shaded side of the house. It is, however, important that you keep the bugs and flies out of the house, so install a window screen or net curtain with magnetic closure, so you are not giving them a chance to enter your house.

Whether you are looking to save on your energy bills by not turning on the air conditioning or keep your bedroom cool so you sleep better, there are several easy ways you can make a difference in the summer. Pay attention to your insulation, your shading, and make sure that you let air circulate freely, while keeping insects out and maintaining a pleasant temperature in your home during the warm summer days and nights.

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