4 Essential Products You Never Knew That You Could Make Yourself

by - May 20, 2018

We buy a lot of stuff. As frugal as we try to be and as fastidiously as we try to manage our budgets, even the most careful of us spend a lot of money on a lot of stuff. Of course, a great deal of this is essential. We need to eat, we need to be clothed and we need to keep the roof over our head. Yet, even many of the things that we assume must be bought can be made ourselves with a minimum of effort and at a fraction of the cost of their store bought counterpart. Many of us appreciate the value of meal planning and preparation to avoid the expensive allure of restaurants and takeaways just as we know that with a little persistence and a few YouTube tutorials there’s little in the realm of DIY that we can’t do if we put our minds to it.

Here we’ll look at some of the surprising things that you can make yourself with ease, thereby saving a small fortune on life’s little essentials without ever having to go without.

Dairy products

Dairy products have become so ubiquitous in our day to day lives that most of us find ourselves having to load up on them two or three times a week. From that splash of milk in your morning coffee to the butter you put on your toast for supper, the average family spends a great deal on dairy products. Even vegans spend a great deal on plant based replacements for their old dairy favorites.

But almost all of these dairy products (and their plant based equivalents) can be made at home. Yogurt can be made from home by checking out the Yogurt Nerd’s guide. Likewise cheese can be made with little more except your stove, a cooking pot and a pair of pantie hoes to strain the curds.

Cleaning products

The average household has a small arsenal of cleaning products ready and waiting under the sink to tackle all kinds of household stains, spills and scuffs. But how many of them do we actually need? We’ve been conditioned to believe that we need one product for cleaning the bathroom, another for the kitchen and another for your windows. But the truth is that there are few household jobs that can’t be solved with a mixture of spirit vinegar and water. All those harsh chemical cleaners are completely unnecessary and potentially damaging to your health.


We all like to look our best, and for many of us that means buying sumptuous new makeup palettes every few months. But these are rarely cheap and they can come filled with additives that are harmful for your skin and the planet. Instead, try some of these quick and easy solutions to make your own makeup at a tiny, tiny fraction of the cost.


It’s okay to admit it. We’re all chasing after the fountain of youth, but the cosmetics companies have got us believing that it can be bottled and sold. It can’t. The best way to reduce the signs of aging is by eating a clean diet, rich in vegetables and drinking lots of water. If you need to moisturize your skin from the outside, coconut oil, cocoa butter and shea butter will do the job just as well as anything you buy off the shelf.

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