Why You Should Never Feel Ashamed for Not Doing Your Own Repairs and Improvements

by - April 26, 2018

How many times have your friends and family members told you to just “do it yourself” when there's something wrong with your home? Maybe they tell you to just “paint the entire living room” yourself or “clear out the gutters and clean your roof” by climbing up on your own. If you’ve heard them before but refuse to give in, then you’re doing a great job of pushing away the peer pressure.

Some people do ultimately give in to the peer pressure. They’ll feel ashamed that they haven’t done their own repairs and they’ll feel bad that they hired someone to renovate a part of their home for them. However, we’re going to discuss a couple of reasons why you shouldn’t feel bad for asking for help and why it’s actually a terrible idea to do DIY in the first place if you aren’t trained or skilled in it.

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Doing Your Own DIY Isn’t Always Frugal

People always say that doing DIY is frugal. However, it’s by far one of the least frugal things you can do. Think of it this way; you have to buy spare parts, you need to buy the tools and you need to invest in learning materials to know what you’re doing. When you add this up, it’s going to cost more money, more time and also more effort to get something fixed. There are many ways to be frugal, but doing your own DIY is sadly not one of them.

Not Everyone Has the Time

Doing your own DIY involves spending a lot of time. It takes a lot of time to actually learn what you’re doing, and it also takes time to perform the repair or renovation yourself. You might want to flex your DIY skills that you learned recently, but do you really have the time especially after accounting for mistakes? Let’s face it, you could spend your time more effectively by hiring a contractor and then just continuing with your daily life.

To demonstrate this further, think about a hot water heater repair. Heaters are expensive, they’re complicated and you might not even have the parts available to repair it. Compared to just hiring someone to do it for you, the DIY route is far more complicated and time-consuming.

DIY Can Be Dangerous

There are many dangers of DIY that you need to consider before doing anything rash. Whether it’s climbing up a ladder on your own, tinkering with electrical outlets or playing with gas pipes, you can easily expose yourself to danger if you attempt a DIY repair that you know little about.

Some Final Words

Just because your friend or family members has fixed their own appliances before, it doesn’t mean that you should cave into the peer pressure and start doing it yourself as well. Just remember that doing a repair properly takes time, hard work and money. You should never feel bad for hiring someone else to repair your home or make improvements because it ultimately saves you time, money and a lot of hassle.

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