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by - March 09, 2018


My postpartum fitness journey has been a rollercoaster. Some days I have the determination of my toddler and other days I fall short. Health and wellness to me isn't a sprint to a finish line, but a journey and a lifestyle. A little something I can do on a daily basis to improve my body and my mind.

Motherhood comes with many challenges, but one I consider to be the hardest is how I look at myself and my new body. When I should be proud of the changes I see in the mirror and revel in the power that is my miraculous, life creating, female body, most days I am critical. I say things to myself I would never say to a friend or even a stranger. That is why I am starting this #MommyMuscles blog and video series. I am going to document my postpartum fitness journey, not only with my body, but also my path in spiritual and mental strength. Let's redefine our mom bods together! Starting with the way we feel when we look in the mirror.

In the start of any journey you have to make sure you are prepared. I like to look at the gym as a battlefield. What challenges will I defeat today and what weapons will I yield in securing my success.? Ok... Maybe that was a little dramatic, but hey that's me. So here are the essential fitness items I pack in my gym bag.

 White Kettle Moon Tank Spring Fever Light n Tight Hi-Rise Capri

This is my #1 saving grace. I love my skullcandy headphones. I absolutely need them to workout. I will turn around and head back home just to drive across town again if I forget them. It might come as a surprise that I opted for a corded style, but I do a lot of cardio. The machines at my gym have little tv screens attached. I like to catch up on shows that I don't normally have time to watch at home. Also, I love the over the head style vs. earbuds. They are more sturdy during my HIIT workouts and stay in place with no fuss. Skullcandy is a super durable brand that came highly recommended to me and have incredible sound quality.

Waist Slimmer Belt
Now I'm not talking about the waist trainer corset style belts. I don't know much about those, but there sure has been plenty of controversy surrounding the heavily social influencer promoted product. What I have on hand in my gym bag is a waist slimmer belt this has a heat retaining lining that helps you sweat. Releasing water weight and slimming down your core area. I swear by this during any cardio workout and have seen amazing results. Also this belt has greatly reduced my stretch marks so if that is a concern for you then I highly recommend giving one of these a try. 

Weight Lifting Gloves
I don't use these all the time as I don't always hang out in the 'zoo' but when I do I love to use these. Not only will they give you an incredible grip while not roughing up those delicate paws, but they also reduce your interaction with gym germs. God only knows what the person was groping before he or she decided to lift weights. Yuuuuuuck

Jump Rope
I incorporate jump rope a lot in my 'off machine' HIIT workouts. It is also a great warm up. I like to keep one in my gym bag because they are small and sometimes I'm just feeling it. The machines and crowds can become a bit overwhelming for me at times so I like to start and end my workouts in an empty classroom.

Infuser Water Bottle
Lately I have been obsessed with detox waters. Spicing up the bland with fruits and herbs encourages me to drink more while taking in all the benefits infused water offers. I am in love with my infuser water bottle and carry it around everywhere I go, not only to the gym. I have an entire blog post with recipes for my favorite detox waters. You can find that here: 5 Simple Detox Water Recipes

Spray Antiperspirant
I recently picked up a spray deodorant and tried it for the first time. I never thought I would like the sprays but the Degree Motionsense Dry Spray Stress Control was on sale so I tossed it in the cart! I love it. Keeps me dry and even through my hardest workouts I stay fresh. The spray doesn't leave a residue like many of the sticks so I like to use this at the gym and always have it in my gym bag.
Scentbird image
I recently started a Scentbird subscription and I couldn't be any more obsessed! I have been using the same fragrance since highschool and I wanted to get out of my bubble and try some new fragrances. The adorable twist container the scents come with is perfect for tossing in a purse and especially a gym bag! I currently have Euphoria by Calvin Klein in my gym bag and it is my new favorite. This fragrance is so clean, simple and fresh it is perfect for after an intense workout.

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Skinny Shake Protein
I finally found a protein powder I like and it doesn't taste like the sad leftover bits that were swept up off the floor of a generic candy bar factory. Skinny Co is a fast growing health and wellness company that offers Skinny Shakes, Skinny Smoothies, and Skinny Snacks. They are super yummy and on days I am uber busy I like to mix up a skinny smoothie for breakfast. I keep the blender bottle in my gym bag with a chocolate protein packet so after my workouts I can blend up a quick protein shake. I like to mix the powder with water, for me when I have mixed with milk it is too think and sweet.

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As always don't forget to share and subscribe! Until next time thanks for reading!

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