Party Pad: Make Your Home Perfect For Entertaining!

by - January 17, 2018

One of the best things about being an adult and having your own place is being able to entertain friends. From relaxed brunches to afternoon tea, formal dinner parties or just drinks with the girls, there’s nothing better than getting everyone together under your roof for fun times. If you’re a born entertainer, chances are you’ll have evaluated your home and looked for ways to make it perfect for having guests over in. Here are some of the ways you can ensure you’re always the hostess with the mostest!

Have a Well Stocked Home Bar
You can buy stunning home bar carts these days from the high street and online stores that are as beautiful as they are practical. Is gold topped with marble your aesthetic, or something more traditional with beautiful wood? Either way there will be something out there for you. Having a selection of spirits, liqueurs and sweetening syrups will allow you to create most cocktails, along with some bottles of wine, beer and cider. Anything that doesn’t belong on your cart or needs to go in the fridge could be stored in an additional fridge. If you have space in the garage or in a utility room then make use of it, stash them away along with some mixers and soda. You could even use this for overflow for times like Christmas, thanksgiving and Easter when your main fridge is full. Having a selection of glasses is important too, that way you can serve up specific drinks and cocktails the way they’re supposed to be. Buy a cocktail book and keep it on your home bar if you’re not an expert!

Set Up a Good Seating and Entertainment Area
Do you enjoy throwing movie nights? If so, a comfortable place to sit is essential. Large, squashy sofas, a big tv and surround sound will all make the experience the best it can be. These are expensive upgrades to make, if you can’t afford the upfront cost you could consider a small bank loan of a couple of thousand dollars. As well as being a great spot to entertain friends, it’s a place you can come to when you finish work each day to properly relax. And we all know the importance of relaxing and relieving stress! Finish the area off with a fluffy rug on the floor, some cushions and soft cosy throws.

Invest in a Good Dining Table
As well as being useful for serving up food and throwing dinner parties, the dining table could also be used for games nights- board games, card games and more. A large table with plenty of seating allows you to host plenty of guests and keep them comfortable. If you’re limited on space, you could purchase a table that pulls out when needed and keep some spare chairs in the shed or garage. A good dining table is useful for you and your family the rest of the time too, so is a good investment that’s not solely for entertaining!

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