My Favorite Workouts to Get Rid of the 'Mom Pooch' | Ab Workouts

by - January 15, 2018

After having my son my body changed. Not that I wasn't expecting my body to change after creating, growing, and through many complications, birthing a new human life. Though the changes still came with a whirlwind of emotions. It is challenging for many woman to feel comfortable in their own skin. Especially more so once having a baby. My postpartum fitness journey has had many waves of motivation, as I am sure many of yours have too. Being a mom is hard, and frankly I get tired. I don't always feel like hitting the gym, sometimes it's a chore. On top of that I am a single mother so I don't have anyone to look good for or motivate me besides myself and to put it bluntly at times I just don't care. That's why I choose to live as healthy of a lifestyle as I can, oppose to jumping on the bandwagon of the newest fad diet. Changing your lifestyle is much more manageable and requires a lot less effort than depriving yourself during a short term diet. Everything in moderation they say...That includes exercise! So here are my favorite workouts to target that stubborn 'mom pooch'. Give these a try increasing your reps daily to tone and tighten the abdominal muscles. Make sure before you begin any workouts or exercise routine you consult your doctor, making sure to rest at least 6-8 weeks postpartum. To catch more mommy geared health and fitness posts like this make sure to subscribe to my blog!

Classic Crunches
Some workouts are tried and true and the most effective and classic of them all is the abdominal crunch. I like to start and end every workout with crunches. No matter what part of the body I am targeting that day. Crunches are an essential asset in my postpartum fitness plan. 
With hands tucked behind your head, and legs bent at the knee secured, with feet flat on the floor, lift head and shoulders off the ground using the power of your core. This will target upper abdominal muscles. 

Vertical Toe Touches
I am always a little sore after doing these. With your legs lifted vertically in the air, keeping your legs as straight and as vertical as you can. Reach for your toes as high as possible, using your core to lift your shoulders up and off the ground. This simple workout targets the mid abdominal muscles. Essential for postpartum toning.

Leg Raises / Reverse Crunches
This exercise activates the entire abdominal region and works wonders for those stubborn lower abs. Making for one of the most effective exercises in postpartum toning. To help keep your balance lower arms to your side with palms laying flat on your mat. Only use hands to keep you stable, making sure to only use your core to lift legs up and bum off the ground, pushing legs and feet straight into the air vertically above the body. Lower bum slowly engaging on the way down. Making sure to keep your core activated and controlled. This will make sure your workout is worth it and you are not wasting any energy. Another way to do this workout is to keep hands to your side with palms flat on the floor for stability. With legs extended flat horizontally out in front of you raise legs off the floor, keeping feet together. With each rep lower legs and stop just before touching the floor then raise up again. Once again with those slow and controlled movements. 

Bicycle Crunches
This is my ab-solute favorite core workout. (pun intended). This is a variation of a crunch. Only difference is you alternate your knee to opposite elbow. Make sure to keep movements slow and controlled. This will make your efforts more effective. For beginners keep legs at a 90 degree angle. To make this exercise more advanced extend leg straight at the end of the set. Making sure to keep both legs off the ground.

Crunch Claps
Like the advanced version bicycle crunch above make sure to keep legs elevated off the ground. Alternating the extension and contraction of each leg, raising your core to clap in between movements. Do not rest your upper body between movements. Keep core engaged, alternate legs and reach through to clap your hands through the contracted leg gap. This is one of the few not so boring workouts. In any fitness routine repetition is key which can over time become dull. This workout makes the mundane slightly more fun.

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