Heating Your Home: What Options Do You Have?

by - January 16, 2018

As much as you might like to think that some of the best parts of home renovation are picking out your new furniture and choosing fabric swatches, sometimes, they’re a little more complex than that. Sure, both of those processes are a lot of fun - and they’re definitely exciting too, but sometimes you can find a lot of fun in the things that you would have no idea are actually exciting. Take your heating, for example. It sounds boring, doesn’t it? But when you know that you get to pick out something that will vastly improve your quality of life at home, then nothing quite beats it. Throw into that some great options to choose from, and it just gets better. So, if you’re feeling tired of your heating issues already, here are five options to get excited about.


Up first, we have the idea of the classic radiator. They’re traditional and will heat up any room that has one. While years before, these tended to be quite bulky and really unattractive in any room, you mpw have better options. With very sleek designs, some with mirrors, and even styles such as the ones stelpro.com have that are baseboards, you’ve got a lot to choose from. More often than not, a radiator will now finish off your room, rather than take away from it.

Underfloor Heating

Now, we’re going to talk about a more modern alternative that not only looks better (because you can’t even see it), and feels better too. Underfloor heating is incredibly smart. Your heating pipes are under the floor, meaning that you not only don’t need a radiator, but that your room gets heated from all over the room, rather than just one spot. This option can also feel quite toasty on your toes.


Of course, you’ve also got your trusted HVAC system. Heated by a furnace, and often doubling up as an air conditioning system, this is still a wildly popular choice. If you’re a fan of the classics and the whole if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it kind of philosophy, then HVAC is always going to be the choice for you.


Then, there’s always a fireplace. This is often something that you think to put in place for aesthetic reasons. As you’ll see from the stunning fireplace design ideas on hgtv.com, they really add to a room. But working fireplaces can help to keep your interiors warm and cozy too. So if you want something that looks good, then opting for a working fireplace is going to be a great option.

Wood Burner

Finally, we’re going to finish with a country favorite, and that’s the wood burning fireplace. While most modern fireplaces are electric, these traditional versions create a real flame from wood. This means that not only do they radiate heat (and a lot of it), but they’re great for creating atmosphere too. And sometimes, there’s nothing quite like the quaint idea of stocking up on wood and building a fire in the depth of a bleak winter.

R.C. Willey

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