Broke, But Not Broken: Enjoying Family Life When You're Poor

by - January 15, 2018

To some people, having money and being happy go hand in hand, this isn't the best attitude to have towards life. But, for those that are so poor that they live a hand to mouth existence, they can't help but to think this. If this is you, and you are constantly chasing your tail with regards to debt, bills, childcare payments, etc. then these are all common financial concerns. The hard thing to balance with this is to have quality family time when you don't have much money to spend on enjoying yourselves. So, how can you enjoy life properly, when you are struggling financially?

Address Your Attitude To Money
This is the biggest change anybody can make when they cannot enjoy themselves without money. Money isn't the be all and end all, believe it or not! And when you are spending time together as a family, this is more important than the thing you are buying as a family. This means that, yes, you can spend time at home, or go to the park. By strengthening your family bond without having to go to theme parks or dine out for family meals, this will help everybody in terms of their attitude towards money. And if you look back on an afternoon out in the park, and you've had fun, then you've achieved some quality family time for no cost.

Look At Financial Support
If you really feel that you are struggling, and its impact on your overall happiness is affecting you and your family, and you haven't looked at financial support, it may be time to do some research. There are government programs that can support families when they are in debt, services that provide credit cards for average credit but also debt consolidation resources. If you are struggling to pay your bills, but you are managing to do them on time, it's very unlikely it will have affected your credit score. This can give you quite a few options with regards to financial help. But, it's important not to get into the habit of building up debt in one area so you can be debt free in another.

Get Smart!
Very simply, because you spend so long worrying about paying bills on time, you might not have had the opportunity to find the cheapest tariffs for your gas and electric, but also, are you paying through the nose in every aspect of your bills? Taking the opportunity to look for the cheapest options could mean that, in the span of a year, you could save up to 20% on your outgoing utilities. That 20% could be put towards something else, like a family vacation, or you could put it into a high-interest bank account. As well as this, starting to look at debt consolidation methods that are clever rather than you relying on someone to dig you out of the hole you may be in can benefit. The debt snowball method is something that is very popular right now, where you pay off the smallest item of debt first. Then gradually pay off the next largest one and so forth.

When you are saddled with debt, the stress alone can hamper your enjoyment of life. So, if you don't want this to affect your children’s enjoyment of life, start to think about these things.


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