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by - December 10, 2017

I put off getting a high chair for quite some time. I purchased a booster set before finally biting the bullet and ordering a highchair. Milo and I have a condo so space is limited which is why I was discouraged from a high chair in the first place. Turns out a high chair is like maternity clothes. A baby having necessity. One of those must have items. So I started the hunt for a high chair that could store away easily and travel when needed. My must haves list for Milo's high chair needs lead me here, to the Evenflo Symmetry High Chair. My thoughts on this item are as follows.

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Price - I ordered my Evenflo High Chair online from Walmart.comfor around $60 at the time. With the holidays fast approaching I'm sure this item has gone on sale or you can apply a coupon code. Coming in at around $60 this item is priced fairly low for a highchair. I have seen travel chairs and other high chairs coming in at much much higher.

Quality - I don't know what makes this item any different from any other highchair, but the plastic tray doesn't stain. Even after a pasta meal with red sauce. Maybe, it's the dish soap I use. Regardless, I love that about this highchair. However, I wish I could say the same about the fabric seat. It's only been a few months and it is very dingy looking. I have tossed it in the wash and spot cleaned it regularly as directed. I'm not completely shocked with it being fabric, but something that could be avoided with a stationary hard surface highchair. Gotta take the good with the bad I suppose. If it was a molded solid seat it wouldn't fold up so easily.

Convenience - The seat is easily removeable to be tossed into the washing machine. Storage and travel is made even easier with it's flat folding design. I'm sure there are other high chairs out there that are much easier to clean, an option I some days regret not pursuing. Cleaning the crooks and crannies of this model is a challenge and the fabric has stained easily. Like mentioned above. The safety buckles adjust as the child grows and can be arranged for comfort. I have a large single basin sink so this isn't a problem for me, but someone with a smaller or double basin sink might have a hard time cleaning the oversized tray. The tray is so large it also doesn't fit into my dishwasher for sanitation and cleaning either. Something you may want to consider.

Design - I love the flat folding design of this highchair. It makes traveling so easy which is something Milo and I do quite often. It's the main reason for my purchase and what instantly drew me to this model. The colors are fairly gender neutral and come in a variety. I chose the one photoed above in the teal and chevron print. There is also a convenient storage pouch located behind the seat. Super easy place to store wipes or snack pouches.

Accessibility - Evenflo is a very common baby brand name. I found mine on I'm sure you can find this item through other retailers as well. I love using Walmart as my retailer since it now has features that make purchasing/ordering super easy which is why it has become my go to. I order most everything online with the FREE 2-Day Shipping. You can also choose to pick up in store if they don't have the item in stock on the shelves. Typically a Pick up in Store Discount is applied through Walmart's new program.

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Overall this item has done me well. It may not look brand new these days but it is super convenient when traveling and visiting the grandparents. Milo finds it comfortable and has even fallen asleep in it. The days are coming to an end where Milo will need a highchair so I am glad I didn't waste the money on ordering two. One for home and one for travel. Even though that would have kept this one in a better condition I don't deem it to be necessary. However, if you are looking solely for a travel chair then I highly recommend this one.

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