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by - November 19, 2017

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When I was starting to switch Milo over to formula it was a devastating time for me. My motherly milk supply was dwindling and so was my freezer stash. I put so much pressure on myself, determined to breastfeed for at least the first year. It broke my heart when I couldn't reach my goal. I felt like a failure, a bad mom, like I wasn't good enough to care and provide for my own son. My wonderful doctor was the one who emotionally picked me up off the floor. He was shocked that I was able to breastfeed as long as I did, with my hormone disorder (PCOS) and other medical complications I experienced. Not only was I gifted with a beautiful healthy baby boy in the first place, something that had always been off limits to me before, but I was able to provide for him the best, most natural, way I could for his first eight months. A sacrifice many mothers don't choose to make. He assured me that formula wouldn't be the end of the world and I should be proud of the mother I am and all the work I had done.

Breastfeeding is no joke... It is hard hard hard work. The pumping, the soreness, the feeling of every ounce of energy being drained from your body with each suckle. The constant eating and massive intake of fluids, and trust me not the good kind...Oh no not wine...Water! I was constantly drinking water, partly because I was as thirsty as if I just ventured across the Sahara on foot and to keep up my milk supply up. Leaks, nipple pads, and engorged breasts. All of these consequences almost did me in many times. Often times I felt like giving up more than once in the same day. But I was determined to push through all of that for the benefits nursing brings for mommy and baby. So when I had to start looking into formulas I wanted something natural, with safe high quality ingredients. I wanted Milo to have the best thing he could get second to my breastmilk. The Honest Company was the first brand that came to mind with my affiliation and love of their other products. Here are my honest thoughts on The Honest Company Sensitive Formula.

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Price - You can buy The Honest Company formula for between $30 - $35 dollars per 23 ounce tub. Which is a bit on the pricey side even for an organic formula option. You can also participate in The Honest Company Formula Bundle. There are two price options for the formula bundle, two tubs for $59.95 or four tubs for $110.95. Which is a savings of about $30 when ordering the four tub bundle. So like getting one tub for free when ordering the bundle. 

Quality - After doing some research on the ingredients in the sensitive formula and comparing to other brands I wasn't totally impressed. There are organic ingredients in the formula sure, but many are synthetic and/or unnecessary such as soy and palm oil. I did like that the first ingredient is actual organic milk. However, glucose is one of the first listed which caused me some concern. The Honest Company formula also contains two synthetic preservatives that some experts say should not be allowed in organic products: beta carotene and ascorbyl palmitate. Though the formula is cleared by the Food and Drug Administration that doesn't mean a whole heck of a lot here in the states. 

Milo spit and threw up A LOT with this formula. More than with breast milk or any other supplement we tested. He also hated the taste, it seemed like, and it smelled just plain awful. Not like any formula smells appetizing but this one in particular was more potent than others. Milo only took a few days of bottles before he started to refuse it completely. I took his word for it and ended the use of The Honest Company Sensitive Infant Formula and went on to try many others before he found one he liked.
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Convenience - The convenience of actually using and getting the product is fairly high. Directions are clearly printed on each container and can also be found on The Honest Company website under the product details. Switching to formula is hard but these conversion, preparation, and storage charts make it super easy. 

(found on
Your baby’s health depends on carefully following these preparation, use and storage instructions. Failure to follow these instructions could result in severe harm. Before preparing the infant formula, make sure to always wash your hands. Thoroughly wash bottle and feeding utensils in hot, soapy water before each use. Ask your baby’s doctor about the need to boil or sterilize water for formula and the proper preparation of bottle and feeding utensils.

Wash hands, surfaces & utensils. 
Pour desired amount of water into clean bottle.
Add powder to water in bottle.
Cap bottle; shake well until powder is dissolved. 
Feed immediately, use within 1 hour, or discard.

2 fl oz bottle 2 fl oz 1 unpacked level scoop (8.5g)
4 fl oz bottle 4 fl oz 2 unpacked level scoop (17g)
6 fl oz bottle 6 fl oz 3 unpacked level scoop (25.5g)
8 fl oz bottle 8 fl oz 4 unpacked level scoop (34g)

** Each Scoop adds about 0.2 fl. oz. to the amount of prepared formula.
Each tub makes approximately 174 fl. oz. of formula

*** Use enclosed scoop to measure powder.

Design - The label is cute and clearly tagged with USDA and NON GMO endorsements. The tub is of high quality and easily resealable and storable. Comes with a measuring spoon like any other supplement, which is handy. I know it's wasteful but I like using new scoops with each tub. I don't want contamination sneaking into the formula. The sensitive formula is made without: added DHA/ARA, gluten, GMOs†, carrageenan, milk from cows treated with rbST‡, or added sucrose. 

Accessibility With online shopping and The Honest Company, now more than ever, becoming a retail brand, you can find this formula in many various outlets. The online customizable bundling option through The Honest Company website makes buying the formula even easier. If you and your baby choose The Honest Company as your supplement of choice, I highly recommend the bundle. It saves money and is delivered right to your door.

When choosing a formula for your baby it is important to choose your must have's and must not's. What are ingredients and types you are willing to have and not. Does your baby need something sensitive? Is your baby intolerant to dairy? Is your family on a plant based diet and lifestyle? These are just a few of the questions you may ask and think about when researching a supplement for baby. I am a huge fan of the Honest company but just like with every other brand I don't like every single thing they release. When making a transition to formula a lot of the decision making falls into your baby's hands as well. They obviously have to like they supplement in order to keep drinking it and keep them healthy. Neither, Milo or myself were very satisfied with this particular supplement. However, every baby is different. These are just my thoughts and my rating is as below.

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  1. What a great, detailed review. I love the Honest company's product.

    1. I love honest too. I'm so glad you enjoyed this review. I hope it helped