Why I Cancelled My Honest Company Diaper Bundle

by - October 08, 2017

So many of you have asked me why I cancelled my subscription to The Honest Company diaper bundle after reading my Diapering Must Have's post. To be honest (no pun intended) it was for many reasons and nothing in particular. I still love to use Honest Company products and I continue to support their mission and brand. Milo and I have just simply outgrown the bundle and here are some reasons why.


When Milo was a newborn, I lived for the convenience of the bundle's all - in - one package delivery system. Being a single mom recovering from an emergency c-section, with only myself to rely on, any help I could get I jumped at. Honest was it for us! My saving grace. The diapers and baby skin care products are natural, hypoallergenic, plant based, and were gentle on Milo's ultra sensitive newborn skin. He had such terrible sensitivities and dryness as a newborn I didn't want to risk using harsher not so natural department store or discount brands. For example, Luv's diapers actually made him break out in a "chemical like burn" rash so I wanted to use Honest Company because they were/are safe and gentle.

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Milo was born in the fall, September, and having the bundle delivery through out the winter was amazing. I don't live near a physical Honest retailer (such as Target, Buy Buy Baby...) and I didn't like taking him out and about too much during the colder months, when he was so young. So having his essentials delivered to my door was super handy. I highly recommend it for any new mommy and baby. Going out and hauling a newborn baby around is just no fun. So having bulkier items such as diapers being delivered is really a helpful idea.

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The Honest Company prints are always to die for, sooo cute, changing with the seasons. The wipes are incredibly sturdy, almost cloth like. However, Honest did recently switch the wipes packaging to something much less desirable and probably much much cheaper on their end. I loved the original packaging with the plastic closure, so I'm not a fan of the change, like many other mommies.

One other quality piece I also wasn't so keen on was once Milo started crawling and growing to be more active the diapers didn't hold up as well. The tabs would not grip on, fall off and his diaper wouldn't stay in place. The overnight's are not as absorbent as I expected and Milo woke up so many times with leaks, wetness, and the diaper dissolved right of his bum. I loved the diapers when Milo was young, but honestly I don't really recommend them for older babies. The stiffness of the diaper chafed Milo's inner thighs while he crawled. Once that started happening I had to begin looking into other brands.

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Over the past, I'd say, year or so Honest has really grown to be a very commonly known baby and household brand. Honest products can now be found at a variety of different shopping outlets, such as Target, Amazon, Buy Buy Baby etc. Which is one of the reasons I cancelled my bundle. I can order the Honest products I like, need and use, from other retailers such as Amazon, while I do my other monthly online shopping. Which saves in the hassle of ordering from two different outlets. Y'all know my love for convenience. I also have Prime (Amazon's Membership which gives me added discounts and fast free shipping)

For some strange reason I started having problems with my delivery not being delivered to my door and instead being held at my local post office for pick up. This was due to the postal service not entirely Honest Company's fault. Though they did switch shipping companies to FedEx and began taking part in their "Smart Post" feature. This is a program FedEx installed which saves the shipping company (in this case Honest) money and FedEx transfers packages to local shipment agencies, often times USPS for delivery. Which picking up the package totally defeated the purpose and convenience of my delivery.

PetSmartThen I noticed products being out of stock on the website, not receiving prints or products I ordered and paid for, and many voluntarily recalls. I'm still waiting on 8 packages of wipes, that at this point I don't expect to ever be delivered. That also became a trigger for some frustration. Honest has expanded so much along with now supplying multiple retailers their ability to produce and stock their inventory has had some kinks, which I hope they work out soon. With Honest's inventory issues that forced me to look into my local Walmart for new brands to try. Actually, to my surprise, there has been an increase in the gentle and natural product ranges that can be found at Walmart these days.

You can now use the Amazon subscribe and save feature to get all your favorite Honest and various other baby products delivered as well. Delivery systems are a life saver for new mommies. Taking advantage of the convenience and savings makes mom life so much easier.

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At this point, Milo is older, and I'm not so worried about taking him out and about. One of Milo's favorite things to do is actually go shopping. He loves when strangers tell him how cute he is and people watching as we wander around running our errands. With me working from home our shopping trips are one of the only opportunities we have to leave the house some days. Restocking on products while we are already out or purchasing in conjunction with our online order just became easier once I found new gentle brands that worked for him.

I don't regret my Honest diaper bundle and like I mentioned highly recommend it for any new mommy and baby. Their diapers worked great for Milo when he was young. I just believe in his instance he's outgrown them. The prints are super fun, especially around the holidays. Just order more than one print in case they sell out. Having products that are extra gentle and safe is always a great idea for new babies and their new baby skin. The Essentials Bundle for me though is where it is currently at for Milo and I.

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