5 Tips For Long Healthy Hair

by - September 15, 2017


Recently I have been on a mission to turn my hair's frown upside down. It was sad, dull, and broken. Not cute. So over the past couple months I have been on this quest to make my hair longer, shiner, and over all healthier. I have tried it all when it comes to hair care. I've purchased expensive hair salon products and tried pretty much everything on the Walmart shelves. Throughout my journey to healthier hair I have taken notes on what has worked for me to share with you. Below are my 5 tips for longer, healthier hair.

Mavericks Elite Groooming1.) Coconut Oil
Y'all have heard it before and if you haven't tried this yet, I don't know what you are waiting for. I try to do this twice a week, but at the very least once a week.

Steps to Coconut Oil Hair Treatment:
  • Steam to warm. Do not place in microwave. I use my bottle warmer or you can scoop oil into a glass sauce dish and set dish on a heating pad. 
  • Using fingers run oil through hair. Focus on scalp if dry and ends. 
  • Clip up and sleep on it. 
  • Use towel to cover pillow and bobby pin into place or old pillow case. 

2.) Wooden Brush
I can't get over the difference my wooden brush makes. I used to think wooden brushes were another hair hack gimmick until I purchased mine at Marshalls for $3.99. I use the Cala slim style brush. The wood distributes the natural oils through out your hair. It has even made a difference with my dry scalp. Love this and highly recommend!

3.) Shampoo Less
I have noticed that since I have turned it down a notch on the shampoo my scalp and hair are not as dry and frail. I used to think I had to shampoo to remove my dandruff, but these days I am all about the moisture and oils. I shampoo once at most twice a week and use dry shampoo in between.

4.) Turn Down the HEAT!
I have greatly reduced the amount of heat I use. I never use a blow dryer anymore. Turns out healthier hair isn't as frizzy, and so much easier to style naturally. About once a week I will curl or straighten  my hair. I mostly just scrunch in some hair oil and toss it up in a clip. My hair is naturally curly so the oil tames my curls and makes them bouncy. I use the OGX brand oils and love every one I've tried. They have an entire range of oils designed for every hair type. I get mine on Amazon since they have a larger selection than what you can find in a department store.

5.) Expensive isn't always Better
Currently I am loving the OGX coconut and Palmers Shea Butter shampoos and I match those with the Aussie Moist or Garnier Whole Blends conditioners. Weekly I use the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Treatment. I have tried almost every product you can imagine to get healthy hair and what I have noticed is more expensive isn't always better. I have purchased countless pricey salon products and have been incredibly unsatisfied. While on the other hand been equally unsatisfied with department store brands. Find something you like and works with your hair regardless of the price. I have to switch it up every few months, keeping my hair on it's toes, so the brands I have been loving lately are the OGX, Aussie, and Garnier Whole Blends. All department store and can regularly be found for under $10.00.

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  1. Great tips! I'm gonna try the coconut oil!

  2. I don't wash my hair as much as I used to. It used to be after every 3 days, then 4 and now every week. I know that might be yucky for some :P But for me I don't really get greasy hair and I have been using this hair product that makes my hair feeling soft :) I will say, after the 6th day then I have to wash it but I put it in a ponytail and wait for the 7th day :P Saving water too because my country has water problems. The coconut oil is a good idea :) I once used it on my face!

    1. I love coconut oil for my skin. Make sure to subscribe for my Fall/Winter Skin Care Routine