Review: Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Bottles

by - June 09, 2017

I originally purchased my Tommee Tippee bottle set with a Target gift card, I received at my baby shower. After staring at the array of bottles, in the baby isle, long enough for my brain to turn to mush. I finally decided on the Tommee Tippee 9oz. Closer To Nature bottles. There are so many choices when it comes to bottles. It's hard to know if you are picking the right brand, style, or if your baby will like/take the ones you choose. No expecting mother knows if her baby will be prone to colic, or digestive issues etc. I have come to notice parenting and motherhood is nothing but a big ole mess of trial and error. An even more important lesson is when you learn trial an error is more than fine. Raising a child is a learning experience for you and your baby. That experience is a gift only the two of you can share.

Primarily, I nursed Milo until he was about 8 months old, but from time to time he would be lazy and not want to. He would insist on a bottle. From the time he turned 10 lbs I also try to give him a bottle, once a day, with 1.0 ml of Honest Company Baby DHA mixed in. Luckily, Milo took to this brand and style of bottle right away. Finally, I got something right on the first try!

Price: This brand falls somewhere in the mid level on price. I purchased my set of three on sale for $12.00. While the average retail price is somewhere between $14.00 - $16.00. Not too bad considering some brands charge far more for bottles that I would personally rate lower on the quality scale. Prices for this item tend to vary per store, but you can always find good deals online. 

Quality: Speaking of quality, so far these bottles haven't let me down. They are BPA free, and only have three simple pieces, well four if you include the cap. Top rack dishwasher safe, so easy clean up. I really like the curved form of the bottles. Makes holding them comfortable for me and easy for Milo, now that he is starting to self feed and drink. None of the details or printing on the outside has faded. Which is great now that I am measuring out and mixing formula. 

Convenience: So many of the pieces are interchangeable as your baby grows, which is nice not to have to buy whole new bottle sets every few months. That is probably my favorite feature of Tommee Tippee. You can't go wrong with the 3 piece assembly either. Not having to search around for a bunch of pieces and parts has made bottle feeding so much easier. I have tried other brands and styles of bottles but these are by far the best.

Design: I love the design of these bottles. They are comfortable to hold and easy for even tiny hands to grip. The soft silicone nipple has a breast like feel and shape with a sensitive Easi-Vent valve which eliminates excessive air flow. Available in the basic clear and white, like I prefer, or even in multi colors and character designs. There are interchangeable parts available as well, so when baby grows you can convert the bottle to his/her ability stage. Sippy handles to aid in the learning of self drinking and various nipple sizes to adjust fluid flow for growing thirsty babies. Really it's a genius design. As a mom it's something I greatly appreciate.

Accessibility: All bottle sets, parts, and accessories are super easy to find. Tommee Tippee is all over the web and in most major department stores. Great deals can be found on especially if you are a member or use the new subscribe and save feature. Walmart is also a retail carrier and has recently introduced 2 - day shipping along with an in-store pick up discount. Many ways to buy and even better SAVE!

 Emma Dawn's 
Golden Heart Review 
💛  💛  💛  💛 💛 (5/5)

It doesn't happen often that I give a product five out of five Golden Hearts, but Tommee Tippee deserves it. All the products I have used from them, so far, have been so innovative and convenient. Truly a brand that not only makes my life easier, but also Milo's. Good Job Tommee Tippee!   

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  1. My kids are bigger bu when the were younger I never thought much about sippie cups. A sippie cup was always a sippie cup. We seemed to go through them. After reading our post I think I will take a little more time when purchasing one next time. Of course it will be for a niece or nephew.

    1. my son is picky, so you are lucky you didn't have to think about it. we are now at the age where we are experimenting with sippy cups and it has been a struggle