5 Month Update

by - March 04, 2017

So much has changed in the past month. Instead of returning to work I have decided to launch a monthly subscription box business. The Pampered Momma Box. Milo is so attached to me, and I to him, I don't think either one of us could bare to be apart all day. He is such a mommas boy and I'm perfectly ok with that. I'm pretty much all he has, so I want to be there for him any way I can. Working from home and having the option to bring him when I vend or attend expos is such a better deal for us.

I have been making some of his food. Im still getting used to making it and finding recipes. Mostly he is on the Gerber Organic Cereals and Gerber Naturals food. I figured I would buy some to see what he likes and pretty much he likes everything. Prunes and peas seem to be his favorites. He doesn't over or under eat. He is so good at letting me know when he is hungry or full. The stress of formula, pumping on breaks, milk storage... is all lifted from my shoulders now that I've been working from home. His health and development is so important to me I'm glad I am able to continue nursing without complication. We have fallen into a pretty functional routine. I will post a separate post about our daily/nightly routines.

He is now in size 3 Diapers and inching into 6-9 month clothing. Growing so fast. He seems to be more of a small boy than a baby these days. The way he interacts with me and everything around him has completely advanced. I've begun working out at a gym here in town that has a  "Kidz Club". The first time there were some older boys roughly playing and throwing things that scared him. Since then though he has been doing great. I'm more or less the one that has a harder time leaving him to work out. I've been working on trying to not feel guilty when I do little things for myself. Like workout. It's hard though.

Now anytime I set him down he rolls right to his tummy or side to side. Before, he would roll over occasionally, but now he can do it anytime he wants and does it with intention. Still refuses to go from tummy to back. A step that should have been first, but it's looking like he is just going to skip it. It's so cute watching him on his tummy. Looks like he is swimming vs. trying to crawl. I am considering entering a baby swim class this summer. I'm going to look around in town to see if there is anything like that for him.

The new condo is great and I even have his nursery set up and decorated. He has been sleeping mostly through the night. Typically, he will wake up around 4:00 am and come into bed with me. He reaches to be picked up and holds on to me when I carry him around. Before he was a helpless baby and now he has grown into a cognitive little boy. Obviously, I'm not leaving him home alone to party any time soon. Milo is even beginning to sit up on his own. Still needs some support but for the most part he has almost completed the transition from "Supported Sitter" to "Sitter".

He is going to town on his teething toys. It's insane, he always has to have one. Slobbering like a Saint Bernard. Outfits with bibs have become our best friend. Still loving the corn and the The Honest Company logo teether. He loves to play and snuggle. He may be the snuggliest baby ever. Just looks up from my arms and choos like he is telling me a story. He also gets so happy when I sing to him. Possibly my biggest fan besides my shower and hair brush. His laugh is the cutest thing I've ever heard. Expecially, when his giggles get hysterical. He has begun chiming into my tv shows or even some I let him watch and when he thinks something is funny he is not shy about it. I begin to crack up with laughter myself.

It's amazing and bitter sweet how much can change in only a month. I used to think a year, six months, hell even three months was a long period of time. Now I would give anything to have more time with him as a baby. Soon he will crawl, walk, and talk... Not too many more of these updates before he is a toddler then a full grown kid. Before I know it these updates will be about school and soccer games. I definitely never thought if I ever had kids I would be the stay at home mom type. Now being able to be with him, guide him, teach him, raise him is the thing I cherish most in the world.

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