Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life - Winter

by - February 09, 2017

Ever sense the first begging cup of coffee, the first shop lifting kiss with Dean, the first waltz with the infamous Lorelai, or even the first time Richard Gilmore explained just how dull his life work was... We've been hooked, and craving more. This show very well may be the only happy memory, I have with my own mother. We too share the oh so common relationship similarities that Lorelai and the Mrs. Gilmore share. I remember the very first episode on the WB before it became the CW, I know I'm aging myself, but that episode changed my life in remarkable ways. My mother and I sat down every Tuesday night at 8:00 pm to watch this intensely close and admirable relationship between a mother and daughter. Because of this show, and the impact this duo has had on my life, it has helped mold me into the mother I am today. Lorelai is a role model for me, as I am sure for many of you. I wish I could say I grew up with a Lorelai, but my mother's battle with her own demons left me pretty much on my own. So when my son Milo miraculously became my world, I looked to the old episodes that came onto Netflix, for guidance and inspiration. Just when I didn't think reliving the old episodes could get any better. Netflix had chosen to literally make my dreams come true, with a continuation of my ever favorite series, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. A four part mini series with seasonal one and a half hour episodes. Which lead us into our first review.

Winter: If you are any kind of Gilmore Girls fan I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "I Smell Snow". This is something true! I can really smell it, and Lorelai swears upon it. "Everything is perfect when it snows." The glisten of snow flakes snuggling branches in the rise of the morning sun. Like powdered diamonds fallen from the sky. Honestly, even without Gilmore Girls, winter would still be my favorite season. Crisp air, hats, scarves, gloves! Girl the accessories, and the Gilmores never seem to disappoint in the style department! Hot cocoa, flavored coffee, warm ciders. And of course SNOW! It just felt right to have this mini series start here, in Stars Hallow, during winter.

The town square gazebo, and also the introduction of the epic mother daughter duo gathering together for the first time in what, "feels like years." Of course we are left nothing shy of lively banter, humorous judgements, pop cultural references and the epic quick wit. Within the first five minutes this dreamful duo makes us remember everything we were missing, from our eight year gap. With our first slap back to reality discussion of Rory's, one of many, flights home. To coffee and tacos.

We are seamlessly reminded of the passion these woman have for their quirky, and at times multi levels of disfunctional, town. We all know every town needs to be saved from Ben Affleck and a Taylor Dosey from time to time. A mixture of Stars Hallow's treasures from the origional series make their debut such as Miss Patty and her dance studio, Lane and her crazy "oh too normal" married life, Dosey's Market, Kurt with his new questionable ride share business venture, even the talented town troubadour, and the Stars Hallow Gazette. The homely town paper Lorelai promised to bring Rory during her first days at Yale, which the planner she is, had already subscribed too.

With the unshoveled walk, the holiday lights brightening up the edges of the iconic memorable home, a dancing rabbi in the corner, and a Paul Anka dressed to the nines for any occasion. It's like nothings changed. Now that Luke and Lorelai are together. Like who didn't see that coming. The kitchen may be tweeked, but we all knew these two would end up together, and some compromises had to be made. It's not just the room that stores take out menus and funky flavored sodas anymore. Their relationship is something that was just in the cards. I enjoyed noticing the subtle changes. Life is change, and it made the time frame more realistic. However, food and diet were clearly not on that list of change. These girls typical movie night is still what my cheat days dream of.

With Luke's epic disapproval lingering in the adjoining room, we get deeper into Rory's life since the origional series. Her writing has made the family proud with her New Yorker peice, but where does she go from there? Digging in boxes and her old bedroom. The tone of her character during the Revival is a Rory we haven't seen before. Maybe in that one episode where she skipped school to go see Jess in the Big Apple, but typically her and her life are meticulously calculated. Giving up her Brooklyn pad and embracing a new "vagabond existence" may be freeing for one young Gilmore Girl, but not an approved lifestyle choice by the always opinionated grandmother, Emily Gilmore. Poor Paul, even in the midst of reliving this television classic, I, along with everyone else seemed to forget about him. Rory's Beau with the comb over OC haircut, the memorable gifts, and not being a breakfast man definitely make their slightly comical tid bits in the new series.

With Minnie's First Time as a keep and puppies being something you sleep on. Terribly tapping your stresses away and disturbing filthy bathroom dreams. This opening new episode is not without our old fashioned faves. Luke's no cell phones sign. Even with a no cell phones allowed policy these new Stars Hallow diners are clueless about how our cranky Mr. Dane's works, continuously asking for an imaginary wifi password. This revival would be nothing without the incredible attention to detail. So many of the old details are flawlessly embraced in the modern seasons. Between Luke's to the charming Dragon Fly Inn, managed by our favorite rude Frenchman Michelle. 

By the way, one thing that has always bothered me, was not knowing, through out the years, what team Michelle was batting for! Finally, I know now, he is a fan of the fellas. Maybe this was only unclear to me before, but I'm glad that along with this one and many more of my other questions were answered.

The first Friday night dinner ignites more than just the typical lively Gilmore banter. Lorelai's regret of her father, Richard's, funeral, and Emily's painful resentment lingered heavily in the air. Unfortunately, the demanding presence that was Richard Gilmore, played by Edward Herrmann, passed and could not join in this revival. People who knew him closely and worked with him mentioned how proud he would have been to do this revival series. They believed his blessings were shining down upon them and did their best to honor in his memory. From scotch, to music, to unforgetable memories. In one of these endeavors Lorelai partook a bit too much. Ending with a revealing story of a pair of pool house teens, and a inappropriate manipulation of a handicapped Martin. Igniting another blazing relationship defining battle between Emily and Lorelai. Where Emily comments on the status of her daughters relationship with Luke.
This all leading to an awkward late night sprinkle intoxicated chat at the diner about the idea of Luke and Lorelai having another child. Which, in turn, is the seemless transition into introducing Paris Geller! Or did her last name change when she married/divorced Doyle? We never had a doubt that Paris would go off to be some overbearingly powerful presence as a big shot lawyer, judge, or quick responding surgeon. The sky was always the limit for her. However, I never imagined her being in the warm and fuzzy industry of bringing a family together. She did find a way to make the reproductive market competitive, while interns whimper at their cubicals.

With the next scene opening up, Rory in London, we get a first glimpse at what she has been up too, what her next step is. A book idea about a lively, and a bit strange, english character who's dripping in burbon in the midst of early afternoon. Not what Rory Gilmore typically does, but it's a direction. Direction is what Rory really seems to be craving at this time, and it's money. With her chatting away about her midday rondevu with London's wackiest lady, in a decked out UK loft. The charming Huntzburger walks in. I knew they weren't over, despite his current engagement to Paris corporate royalty. I was always rooting for Logan even though my heart was with Jess. Something about a dark haired boy in a leather jacket. There have been many hints, speculations and nudges, prior to the revival release about the direction of where Rory's love life will end up. The sense of comfort and familiarity between Logan and Rory, you can tell there is love there. That's undeniable. She opens up to him freely, she always has. While he listens, he closes with a mock of the search for her "lucky" outfit. They have a relationship that over the years has been built on the ability to be comfortable with words. Maybe this comes from them both being writers.

With Rory back in the Hallow, and continuously braving the hunt for her lucky outfit, we get a glimpse of Hep Alien! Yes, they are still jamming like it's 2008! All while Emily is clearing out the Gilmore house. Thanks to a new book from her book club she has lost her marbles. Literally, they must not have brought her joy. When Lorelai finds her mother strutting around in a pair of her old blue jeans, she brings up the idea of speaking to someone. A therapist, maybe someone with a prescription pad and a well inked pen. When you see Mrs. Emily Gilmore in a pair of jeans with a patch on the bum you know it's time to bring in the professionals.

We conclude this first of four seasonal episodes at the winter carnival! Paul Anka is dressed up like Luke, Gypsy is finished kicking Lorelai's old Jeep, Kurt is in hiding from Uber lawyers, and Emily takes Lorelai's advise... this can't be good.
This first installment was honestly everything I thought and hoped it would be. I'm glad Rory is taking risks on this journey to finding herself. Something bold and new for her. Lorelai and Luke finally seem settled into their life together. The incredible attention to details like I mentioned before really blew my mind. It's amazing that after almost a decade so many of the old characters were free to preform and so much of the old sets were either available or intently crafted. These actors and actresses fell back into their characters with ease and grace. From the cutting dictation of Emily Gilmore to the thoughts written all over Lorelai's face. The past eight years were made to appear seemless from all of these professionals. I was and am overwhelmed with please from this first episode. Surpassed all expectation.

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💛 💛 💛 💛 💛  5/5 Golden Hearts

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  1. What a lovely recap. I'm also a Gilmore Girls fan and was delighted to see the seasons return! Do you listen to the Gilmore Guys Podcast at all? It has been so interesting hearing a completely different take on the show and the revival. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. #BloggersSupportingBloggers

    1. Thanks! I have not I would love to hear a fellas point of view. Where can I find it? Can you comment the link? Thanks for the heads up can't wait to hear it