Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life - Summer

by - February 16, 2017

"Welcome back"... 

Well Rory might not be back, but we sure are.

This episode opens with probably the most lively banter I've ever heard. With the chatty, rasta, libertarian, intro to the adored April. Luke's, non pot smoking, surprise daughter, who charmed our butts off, from the origional series. Being "the other woman" weighs in hard on a phone call with Logan. Odette moves in and Rory moves out. To a five star hotel that is. The new digs aren't too shabby, but the emotional digs hit Rory's heart.

Later at a obnoxiously cooled town meeting, Rory, is introduced to the thirty something gang. The newest generation of townies. While Taylor sparks the towns interests by proposing a Stars Hallow musical, to bump up those town tourism numbers. Due to open during the Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer Festival. A composing director is shipped in all the way from.... Brooklyn. Ending the meeting on a low note, the Stars Hollow Gazette is closing. Mr. Roundbottom is retiring and who guns for his job? Yale journalism grad, and our very own Rory. She grew up with this paper and it was featured in many of the origional episodes. 

With darling pool side southern accents and actions slightly pushing illegal child labor, the Gilmores soak in the heat and the sun. Once neighborhood back fat, gracing over itsy bitsy speedos, became too much, a stroll through town initiated a run in with Claudia. Who's additioning for the town musical and also Lorelai and Emily's therapist. Well seeing as how Emily quit showing up weeks ago Claudia is all Lorelai's now. Something she still hasn't told Luke.

Later that night out for a birthday night cap, at the secret bar, Michelle finally crushes Lorelai's heart by announcing his departure from the Dragonfly. I unfortunately saw this coming with his rant on peaking and mini fridges. Michelle needs more and the inn's wetlands and fire lanes restrict it's growth. If I know one thing about Lorelai it's that she doesn't give up on the people she loves, without a fight.

Rory's first issue of the Stars Hollow Gazette is printed and ready to hit the stands. What an accomplishment and with a delivery system that needs some minor adjustments, reinforcements are called in. Another shining example of what a great team this mother daughter duo make. "No poem!?" The towns people's panties are in a twist in a roaring battle between east and west. Oh sweet summer time.

After the first scene, of the preview showing, of Stars Hallow The Musical it's not only the redwood trees who are eager to touch god in heaven. With the looks onLorelai's face she must have died and gone to hell. Horror and confusion are emotions only Lorelai seem to be feeling with the rest of the advisory committee singing and dancing along in their seats. 

Incestuous marriages, cross dressing soldiers, and wives with scurvy these are what built the foundation of Stars Hollow in a Revolutionary time? The musical just gets worse and worse as scenes go on. I just can't help but to laugh at its cleverly awful lyrics. "What's there not to love about the town of Stars Hollowwwww?"

With Richard gone Emily is seeming a bit lost. Losing interest in the DAR, sleeping till noon, eating on a tv tray, watching PBS, IN THE LIVINGROOM. Rory is concerned and edges her to get out and try to have some fun. Renew her membership to the club, dance, chat, just get out of the house.

"No Cigar?"

A very familiar voice enters through the door of the Gazette. Finally, I was waiting for Jess (the crush from my earlier years) heartthrob himself, to appear. Rory seems more then smitten to see him after such a long time apart. Jess has always been accepting, motivating, and understanding to our darling miss Gilmore. Sulking in comforts and liqueur, Rory breaks down. "I could have been a contender". She's broke, no underwear, no car, no apartment. Her license is expired and even though she has been busting her butt at the Gazette it's an unpaid job. 

Reeking of failure and in a rut the thirty something Rory opens up the idea of working for Paris Geller, as a surrogate. Once again it's Jess to the rescue. Calming down the spiraling Rory, he proposes she write a book. You can see the gears begining to turn. A book only she could write, the beautifully colorful story of Stars Hollows very own Gilmore Girls.

Seems as Emily took Rory's advice, and went to the club. Freaking Lorelai out completely she is introduced to, Jack, Emily's new beau. After accusing Rory of being a pimp, and Jack  of being a gold digger, Lorelai accepts this new change. All while Emily turns the cards, like she is famous for. Just like Lorelai didn't tell Luke about therapy, our mister Dane's didn't tell the Ms. Gilmore about real estate shopping with Emily.

With Emily being a woman of perfection she insists on her late husband's grave stone to be perfect. Which opens up the perfect opportunity for Rory to bring up the book to Lorelai. The typically always giving and overly supportive mother responds to the pitch with a big ole "NO". The book coming so easily to Rory, Lorelai still says no. I understand and so does Lorelai that Rory is desperate, in her fight to find herself, but she just can't seem to give her the ok on the book. Of course she would be hesitant to have her life exposed to the masses.

Reluctantly looking to Logan for guidance and support. An ear to bend and a shoulder to cry on after the blow up at the cemetery. Rory tries kicking her golden locked lover like a bad habit. She is begining to finally start letting go. Realizing Odette has won.

"Oh I am not unbreakable, I'm breaking right now..."

Lorelai Is Doing Wild.

The book, not the movie of course.

This episode didn't take my breath away like the first two. I was not a fan of the Stars Hollow Musical. I actually would have preferred the traditional Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer Festival. It is such a staple in the origional series. With Jess coming into the picture in this episode it just makes sense. A inner battle within Lorelai has been brewing ever since Winter, and it finally exposes itself in this episode. She wants to do WILD. The woman who's only culinary accomplishment is perfectly heating a pop tart wants to go off into the vast natures of California. Something I didn't see coming. I like how the episodes slightly introduce the returning characters verses just throwing them all in at once. It's really incredible how no one seems to have skipped a beat. Everyone from Babette to Jess has gracefully gotten back into character. 

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