Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life - Spring

by - February 14, 2017

Bazookas are intruding in a therapy session that, to qoute Lorelai Gilmore, qouting Alanis Morissette, is a bit ironic. Of course, I'm not the only one who's thought a touch of therapy could help the relationship that resembles a game of table tennis more than mother and daughter. Spring opens with Lorelai in an adorable sundress and Emily with her nose held up high. With the ending of the episode Winter wrapping up on such a high note, still I pictured, knowing these characters, meeting the therapist would be this way. Full of quilt trips, judgements, and blame.

One thing I have always admired about this show is the ability to transition from flaming negativity, to oh so cheery joy. Traditions are alive and well in the Hollow with another town festival, literally this is my dream town. This festival is filled with international foods, basket bidding, and the introduction of Jackson. Still no sign of Sookie. Looks like Mrs. Kim found a new hobby, though, and Lane's dad finally made an appearance, after all these years. I've always wondered about him. One of Rory's many phones ring to the desperate, begging, voice of "Sandee Says" a slightly cheesy web magazine CEO who is demanding Rory's sophisticated and poised voice to help her conquer the world, or at least Huffington Post.

Rory back in London not getting much more than a smidgen above babble from Niomi, and another push back from CondΓ© Nast. Mr. Huntzburger catches the perfection of fine breeding, Logan, and the girl with juicey apple cheeks, our Rory, at a sit down lunch, with a $300 dollar bottle of wine. "Logan's fiance is in France", Mr. Huntzburger points out, sticking a pin in his earlier comment with a glare from across the, one of many, family holdings.

Stars Hollow doesn't have enough gays, but the Dragonfly is chock-full of B list actors. The inn isn't rubbing, soaking, or scrapping any of the guests, and the Cheshire Cat has mini fridges. Mathew McConaughey reads three newspapers, and Michelle wants to bag Jennifer Lawrence. She is the goods after all. The inn has peaked and Lorelai is afraid she may lose her Michelle.

With Niomi spiraling into the abyss that is the inner workings of her intoxicated, chemically imbalanced, mind. Logan once again shows how supportive he is. Speaking honestly, while talking up the pretty pretty colors that is the catty gossip rag of Sandee Says. Even though it may be a few steps down from the New Yorker, he claims Rory could class up the joint. I've never pictured Rory as the other woman type. Apparently neither has she, with disappointment written all over her face, once she hears Odette is coming into town, and she must go. That must be why Logan is still DeeDee. Rory's imaginary UK gal pal and on/off house mate.

Back across the pond, we are graced, with another masterpiece by the "Good Try Award" winning filmmaker Kirk. The Red, White and Black movie theater never deems to disappoint. How could it with the memory making love couch? Walking in to the Dragonfly kitchen, who do we find.... No still no Sookie, but Rachel Ray will do, and her yummy yummy soups and sammies! The celebrity guests have really zooshed up this revival.

Luke and Loreai walking up to the dauntingly oversized front door of the Gilmore Estate , I always get the feeling something good is about to happen. Maybe good isn't the right word because nine times out of ten these dinners are bad, entertaining though never the less. This dinner is different than the rest, all about Luke. Even from beyond the grave Richard has some demands. He left Luke a large sum to expand the diner... Expansion was offered and discussed in the origional series, but something Luke didn't really seem to have much interest in. This haunting second attempt at making small town Luke a man worthy of a Gilmore Girl has left him completely soaked through, and real estate shopping with Emily and a powerhouse agent.

Rory and Paris meet at Chilton for an alumni speech. Headmaster Charleston, hasn't aged a bit. Paris left the halls littered in scampering faculty and sobbing students. All while Rory was offered a job... The headmaster asked if she was willing to return to university to recieve her masters degree. To then return to Chilton as an educator. Rory's new floating lifestyle has really shocked the many. I think every girl needs a little carelessness when she's young, but that's coming from me the girl who has bounced back and forth between coasts too many times to count.

Rory, desperate to make it as a writer, and not end up back at her alma mater, takes a peice from GQ on...lines. Yep, people standing in lines. Like I said,desperate. While Lorelai kicks butt in the city, Rory kicks boots. With a WOOKIE! Thirty two seems like a good time as any for a first time one night stand. In this melt down about homes and careers Rory finally spills the deets about Logan and finally admits to feeling lost. I knew this wayward life wasn't for her. Structure is more her style. So, this leads to her breaking down and finally meeting with Sandee, which doesn't go like she planned. After begging for over a year, Sandee goes internal for the voice of Rory Gilmore.


This second installment, Spring, was directed by Amy's wonderfully talented husband Daniel Palladino. There was a slight difference than winter. A bit perkier, I liked it! Put just enough pep in my step. Like the actual season of spring. Good job mister P. Just like before I am left stunned. The characters opened up so much more, in this episode. We dug so much deeper into their lives. The plot sure is twisting and I was definitely left wanting more. If you missed my Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life - Winter catch up now by clicking the link. 

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