Review: Evenflo Deluxe Double Breast Pump

by - January 10, 2017

I am continuing this "Month of Breastfeeding" with an evenflo breast pump review! This entire month, as many of you know, will be all about the lovely journey and experience of breastfeeding. Note: my previous post, Lactation Smoothies, for that yummy extra bump in your pump!

Well let's get into it. I have been using the evenflo deluxe double breast pump since day one, and love it! It came with everything you see below; travel duffle, six container storage cooler, freezer ice packs, draw string storage bag (perfect for the smaller bits), set of 4 starter storage bottles with lids, 2 sizes of silicone inserts, 2 pump hoses, and finally the pump it's self. This is the first and only pump I have bought and used. That's because it has worked so great for all my needs. I haven't had to experiment with other brands or styles. At least not yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Price - Compared to other brands and models I've seen, this product seems to fall relatively in the lower to middle range, when it comes to the price scale. Breast pump pricing can vary anywhere from simple manual low end pumps in the double digits. All the way to hundreds even over a thousand dollars. I was entirely overwhelmed when I embarked on the task of reading reviews, making pro and con lists, just over all trying to find the best pump for me. When I finally decided on this pump, after about a week of research, I ordered it from and paid around $120.00 for my set. I still to this day think it was a great deal!

Quality - Even though the price can't be beat, for a system like this, the pump doesn't feel cheap. There are multiple adjustable settings. Both speed and power can be adjusted to your preference, and for optimal milk collection. I have washed, heated, and traveled with all the pieces and parts of the system and they are still in perfect condition. This system is very easy to keep clean and maintain. Even after many washes the lettering and measurements are still perfectly printed on all my storage bottles. The pump itself has yet to loose suction or power. Overall everything in this set, and everything I have used from this brand, so far has been of good quality followed with a fair price.

Convenience - Milo and I travel so much, the storage bag, cooler, and duffle, have made pumping while away so easy and convenient. I load up everything in the duffle where it fits perfectly and bring it right along with my other luggage. It's also nice that the travel bag blends in. It doesn't stand out screaming, "I'm a breast pump!" This set is more incognito and that's a plus for me. Another added benefit many of you may find convenient is that this pump can be battery powered or used with the electric outlet plug. Perfect feature for busy mom's on the go! Finally the double pump cuts pumping times in half. Huge time saver and often inhibits a double let down. Pumping both breasts at the same time can aid in boosting milk production and can reduce chances of blockage or infections.

Design - I have read and watched tons of breast pump reviews, and a common issue with other brands is mold in the air tubes. I'm not sure if it's this pump system's design preventing this issue, or if I just keep my pump cleaner due to the amount of use it gets. Either way, I have yet to have any kind of mold issue. My personal opinion is that it's thanks to the design. This unit is fairly compact, the hoses and power cord are easily removed for storage. This slim design fits perfectly into my night stand.

Accessibility - You can find this system everywhere, at various department stores or online. Such as Target, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond etc. Extra pieces, parts, and accessories can also be easily found all over the place.

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