Review: Orla Kiely Hobo Diaper Bag

by - December 08, 2016

I am so in love with this diaper bag! After quite some time on the hunt for a diaper bag that wasn't too feminine, but still stylish enough for me to carry on the daily. I stumbled upon this gem! Diaper bags, I have come to notice, cater mostly to woman, and daughters. With my having a son and all I didn't want a girly diaper bag. Most designs I found that weren't steered towards daughters, we're more of a purse like construction. Which are super cute, but I wanted something durable and that Michael wouldn't mind carrying around as well. I knew what I had in mind and for months I was determined to find it. Then one day I did. As I turned around it was as if a light shined down from the heavens, or the faulty lighting in the ceiling, and I knew this was the one. Right there in the baby section at my local Marshalls! Marked down 50% from the origional department store retail price. I knew it was fate. It wasn't covered in tacky Disney characters or cartoons. It was simple, classic, with a hint of funk, just like me.

Price: Typically the Orla Kiely diaper bags retail from anywhere between $40.00 - $140.00. Forty bucks isn't bad, but no way would I pay too much more than that. I am a deal hunter. It's exciting to me finding designer pieces at a bargin. I love the feeling of getting more and paying less. What a rush! I was able to snag mine for the killer deal of only $16.99! When on the hunt for essentials, expecially baby essentials, try outlets and discount shops. I have managed to find the most incredible designer pieces for mind blowing deals!

Quality: This bag is so durable and sterdy. The shoulder strap is constructed out of a thick woven material. The rest of the bag is made out of this durable, almost water proof type of polyester. The zippers are heavy duty along with the stainless steel details. Comes with a printed waterproof changing mat. That print follows into the inside where you'll find the waterproof liner. Perfect for someone who lives a more outdoors or active lifestyle.

Convenience: The thin but wide hobo design is super convenient. It slides right in on the floor of the car in front of Milo's car seat. The adjustable strap lengthens, so I can hang the bag off my shoulder, shopping cart, or even my stroller handle. The changing mat, it comes with, has been marked a "must have" in many outings already. Expecially with all the travel we do. It even has a pocket to slip the mat into that has a magnetic latch, for easy access. With 7 pockets, 3 inside, 4 outside, it's so easy to keep everything organized and in its place. This bag makes sure everything you need is only a reach away.

Design: I adore every aspect of this design. It's like this designer read my mind. She must be a psychic or maybe even a witch. I suspect magic! This bag is exactly everything I imagined. From the hobo style to the materials it's constructed out of. Let's start with style, shall we. The hobo construction keeps things casual and classic. All the pockets have been a life saver. Two open pockets on either end, two wide zip pockets in the front, one straight zip pocket inside, and finally two open pockets with elastic tops inside. The outside is navy while the zippers, attachable mini bag, changing mat and liner are a mossy green. The inside liner, changing mat and mini bag all have this fun, funky, even a little retro cream print. Love it! Brings an element of flair to the bag. The materials are waterproof, stain resistant, and perfect for all elements. Now, I'm not someone who is dainty. So this design is perfect for the more outdoorsy, adventurous, mom on the go. This designer has a huge range of various designs. Some that are loud and full of super funk. While others, like mine, are more subdued with just a spark of flair. A style for every mom in my opinion.

*Also, to whom it may concern, this bag is vegan. No leather or animal materials were used in the manufacturing of this product.

AccessibilityIt seems this designer can be found in a merry of places. Target, Walmart, Marshalls (on a good day). Along with a wide array of online shops! Prices all vary depending on the retailer, so hunt those bargins. However, even if i paid full retail price I would still say this bag is worth every penny.

I use a five point review system. Above are the categories I consider when rating a product or service. Next to the category are my honest thoughts and opinions. Even though some product reviews are sponsored, or products are gifted. All reviews are honest, and full of my true opinions.

This product knocked every category right out of the park! There really isn't anything negative I can say about this bag. Trust me I tried to think of something, just to even out the playing field. My mind came up empty. So if you are looking for your perfect bag or maybe even a gift for an expecting momma. Look no further!

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