Milo's Top 5 Favorites (Newborn)

by - December 09, 2016

Ingenuity Inlighten Twinkle Teddy Bear Bouncer
This was gifted to me at my baby shower. Once Milo grew into this a little bit he couldn't go a day without sitting in it. He would fuss, trying to tell me what he wanted. When I finally figured out that he wanted to sit in his "Bear Chair", as I call it, he would calm right down. He loves the vibration and staring up at the lights. It's easy to move around the house. Bathroom, when I am taking a shower. Kitchen, when I am cooking or cleaning. Bedroom, occupying him while I am pumping. He loves it and it keeps him entertained, long enough for this mama to get at least some things done from time to time.
Ingenuity Inlighten Cradling Lullaby Lamb Swing
This too was a baby gift. When he was a newborn, I'd say within his first month he didn't really like this that much. All he wanted was to be held most of the time. However, once I moved this into the living room, and adjusted it a little, I began using it as an independence tool. He now loves it and takes most of his naps in it. The lamb mobile spins around a light changing, mirrored dome. He loves watching his reflection and the lights as they fade from green to pink to blue. He has even begun following the lambs as they spin. This also comes with multiple sound settings. Nature, white noise, lullabies...
Nursing Pillow
I recieved this as a trial from a company based out of Utah. This pillow, as Milo grows, has come to be one of the most useful baby objects. When he was smaller it helped support him and I while nursing. It cradles him while we co sleep. Also, keeps him from rolling off the sofa when he is hanging out and kicking back. Literally, endless uses. Definitely, a baby necessity!

Mam Binky 
At two months he is still in the newborn binks. These are the only brand he will take. Of course, they are a brand on the pricier side, but worth it, if that's what he wants. I recieved the first one as a trial set that came with one binky and one mam newborn bottle. He took to them both very easily. They have a cute curved design and darling little doodle details. They often come in sets of two with a carrying case perfect for tossing in the diaper bag.
Bright Starts Lagoon Play Mat
This is a newer addition to all the baby objects scattered around my apartment, but he has loved it since I opened the box. He had a basic smaller play mat, that he out grew very quickly. It didn't light up, play music, or come with many toys, so mentally he surpassed it and became bored. Noticing his decreasing interest, I picked this one up online as an early Christmas gift. It has nature sounds, music, lights and many more toys. He has begun playing and interacting with objects so much more recently. It's amazing to watch. These toys too are easily removable so we can take them in the car.

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