Gift Tips for Shopping Baby

by - December 22, 2016

With the holidays just around the corner, here are some gift buying tips for baby bears. Shopping for babies is something I always found difficult, still do. Especially, before becoming a mom. There are so many products, toys, clothing styles etc. Who even knows where to start...? I always want to make sure I get gifts that will be liked and used. USA, LLC

Gift Cards
I know many people feel like gift cards are impersonal gifts. However, when it comes to babies these are actually perfect and practical. Even as a mom, I am, at times, unsure when or what Milo will need. Babies change their minds and grow so quickly. Their needs, likes, and dislikes change rapidly. A gift card allows us parents to get something our baby will need when the time comes. Try pairing your gift card with a small gift. Something any baby will be sure to use. Like a cozy blanket, cute bibs, or a plush toy.

Large Tickets
With this I am referring too cribs, high chairs, swings etc. The big ticket items. Alot of these items are typically already gifted at a baby shower or purchased before the little ones arrival. If any of these items are still needed/wanted most parents will have an idea of the brand, style, color etc of these items in mind. I know I have had my ideas for the decor of my son's nursery from before he was even born. People who plan on having multiple children may even want to stay gender neutral with big ticket items. This way they can be passed down to be used by the next generation. Also, parents who live in a city or have a smaller living space may not have the space for bulkier items. To save yourself from buying a duplicate or unnecessary gift, get in touch with the parent first. Find out what they still need, their style, and ask if they have items picked out in mind already. Since these are gifts for baby it won't spoil the surprise by asking mom or dad.

Style Consideration
If clothing is the name of your holiday game, keep in mind the style of the gift receiver. Some mothers and kids really love the fun, novelty, character pieces. While others, like myself, prefer a more classic and subdued style. How a mother styles and presents her child is something fun and personal, a choice she gets to make. So when shopping for baby bear outfits keep in mind and think "Style Consideration."

Learning & Development 
Educational toys make incredible gifts. Baby Einstein has a entire line of toys designed to engage each stage of a baby bear's development. Books also make great gifts and/or stocking stuffers. Even for newborns it is so helpful to their development to read to them. It's never too early to start learning. A head start to a healthy development is one of the best gifts you can give.

Brand Specific Items
In regards to skin care, formula, bottles, binkys... most babies are picky when it comes to items such as these. Unless, you already know the brand baby likes and what the baby needs more of, steer clear if you are unsure. Formula is something once chosen should not be switched. If the baby you are buying for is formula fed, it can get expensive, so considering this as a gift is thoughtful. However, this is something that is very brand and type specific, and often times can not be exchanged. Some babies require a sensitive mix. While some parents may go the organic route when feeding their baby bear. So check with the parent first before giving formula as a gift. Skin care is another one of those things that more often than not is brand specific. Baby could have had a reaction to a particular brand, an allergy, have sensitive skin, or condition such as eczema. Maybe the parent prefers to use plant based and organic products vs. department store brands. So things like lotions, soaps, oils, and powders be careful and thoughtful when purchasing. The Honest Companyhas a gift set of the various products they offer. They are plant based, hypoallergenic, and work amazing on Milo's sensitive skin. Play it safe during the holiday's by choosing free and clear brands.

Ages & Seasons
Baby clothes are so stinking cute it's hard to resist. Just make sure to keep in mind the season the outfit is designed for and what age the baby will be during that time. Climate also plays a factor here. Someone living in Florida will of course have a much different wardrobe than Milo and I living in the high desert. I have so many adorable outfits Milo will never get to wear because by the time that season rolls around, the outfits will no longer fit him. So make sure to do that math if you want to see baby bear strutting their stuff in your gifted duds.

Gift Receipts
These are important when giving any gift, but even more so for baby. With recall and sizing, style and brand preferences these are so helpful if something needs to be exchanged. Maybe a particular clothing brand runs small and needs to be switched for a different size. Maybe you got the brand right but the parents have chosen to use the natural or sensitive range that brand offers. Maybe someone else got them the same gift or there was a product recall. There are a number of reasons your gift may be liked and very much appreciated, but still need to be exchanged. Just in case say "yes" to gift receipts.

Pre owned Garments
If you are a deal hunter, charity supporter, or just one thrifty shopper, keep a few things in mind if buying second hand. With stores such as Once Upon A Child, Kid 2 Kid etc it's easy to find killer deals on gently used adorable styles and designer brands. Some thrift stores even help to support the needy who are suffering from diseases or homelessness. Giving back to a charity while shopping for your gifts makes your dollar go a little further during the holidays. Just be careful when it comes to children's clothing, blankets, plush toys, bedding etc. You don't want them to smell of smoke or animals. Third hand smoke is harmful to everyone, expecially babies. Toxins lock in to the fibers of the fabric and can be inhaled by baby.

Personalization is Perfection
Babies are only babies once and for such a short time. So personalized keepsakes make for perfect gifts. Onesies, towels, tradition lockets, hats... you name it you can find it. A wide variety of personalized and one of a kind gifts for baby are all over the Etsy world. Even gifts for the whole family. Something one of a kind will give you the upper hand when battling the worry of the dreaded duplicate gift. A sentimental keepsake is often times parents favorite too. Those are the items that are saved for years and memorized in photographs. The holidays is a time to be extra special.

Pediped Footwear

Side Note: Remember to be cautious and considerate when shopping/storing presents for a baby, if your home is a animal/smoking zone. I personally have recieved some items as gifts for Milo and even after multiple washes I couldn't get the smell of smoke/animals out of them. Unfortunately, I had to send them out for donation. Third hand smoke is very harmful for babies and some children and/or parents suffer from allergies to animals.

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