Pumpkin Festival: 5 Weeks Old

by - October 25, 2016

As days pass on and turn to weeks, I become more and more amazed. Even at five weeks old, it is still so surreal to me that this precious baby boy is all mine. I watch him in the purest of "aw" on a daily basis. He is growing so quickly. His facial expressions are becoming more unique and defined. He is begining to react and play with a smile. Milo even looked me right in the eye, reached up, and held my face for a moment, after I told him how much I love him one night. That was a moment that completely consumed me with a love more powerful than the oceans tide. For a second in time I could not breathe. This little boy may not know it yet, but he takes my breath away.

Not only is his personality begining to shine through, but I think this week he began dreaming. We are still co sleeping and will probably continue to do so till we move and I set up a nursery. Even then, I'm not sure if I could go an entire night without his slumbering grunts. I have noticed he will smile or make actions during his sleep that resemble someone who would be dreaming. I have learned his grunts and coos for when he is gassy, stretching, or preparing for a poo, and these are much different, calmer. I may ask the doctor during his two month check up what his brain functions would be at this age... I'm curious what he could be dreaming of, if he is.

I have been using the Ingenuity Swing, I recieved as a gift, as an independence building tool for his separation anxiety vs. the bassinet. The swing is much more convenient and has soothing features like music and lights. The bassinet is all the way in my bedroom. I think the journey in there was causing him to wake up. On top of that the sound distance probably made him feel more alone. This week his separation anxiety has greatly improved. He will nap in his swing for hours. Now that I figured that thing out he loves it. This has given me the space to get things done around the house, and work on things of interest like, well, this!

After his bottle feedings during the day he was becoming very fussy and spitting up quite a bit. At times I couldn't get him to calm down. I found out he was suffering from colic, so I had to switch his bottles from the Tommee Tippee brand to the Munchkin Latch, and I was recommended to get some gas relief medicine as well. The new bottle seems to be working way better for him. I also went back to nursing him throughout the day. I am now all healed up, bottle feeding was becoming a bigger hassle than I expected. Not nursing throughout the day greatly increased how much I was having to pump. I hate pumping! I also began running out of room to store the milk in my fridge.

I was concerned about my milk supply. I thought that may have something to do with how frustrated Milo was getting when he nursed. This concern lead to an insane pumping schedule of every two hours. A mothers milk supply is operated on a supply and demand system. An increased pumping schedule referred too as "Power Pumping" increases the demand, ultimately increasing the supply. Once again I realized I need to just let things happen naturally and stop stressing. If I'm stressing over how much milk I'm producing it will actually cause my supply to dwindle. Having the opposite effect of what I was trying to accomplish in the first place. Milo has become a much better eater too. He hasn't been as rough or getting upset like he once was, so that's a blessing. I still feed him at least one bottle a day because I started him on the Baby DHA drops from The Honest Company. I add .75 ml in a bottle with milk, warm, and serve. This promotes healthy eyes and brain development. I am also still taking my prenatal vitamins and will continue to do so while breastfeeding. I am doing everything I can to set Milo up for a healthy future.

A small town outside of Elko this week was hosting a Pumpkin Festival. During this time of year, back home is packed full of fall festivals. Something I've always enjoyed since I was a kid. I was so excited when I heard this was happening around here, I knew we had to attend. I've been a bit lonely and homesick lately so a dash of good old fashioned family fun is just what I needed. This was the first real place I brought Milo out too, besides doctors appointments or the occasional shopping trip. We even dressed up a little bit, to get into the festive fall spirit. I dressed Milo like a farmer, in a Wrangler Red Plaid Bodysuit and a pair of Wrangler Denim Overalls. Myself and my uber dorkiness dressed up like a scarecrow! Makeup and all! Wearing a red plaid shirt myself and a pair of denim jeggings we matched on our first halloween together. We recieved so many compliments on our mother & son outfits. It was a good time even though it was just the two of us.

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